Britain’s most succesful football cities

Britain’s most succesful football cities


Football has always thrown up rivalries, mostly between two or more side’s that inhabit a city. Liverpool and Everton, Manchester United and City, Glasgow Rangers and Celtic all are at loggerheads with each other and are constantly looking for bragging rights in their individual battles. However there are also rivalries between cities, with the north and south of England seemingly having a divide and pride at stake.

In Scotland there is a friendly competition between Edinburgh and Glasgow, not only in sport but in life – but which is Britain’s most successful football city?

Below are the combined trophy hauls of the clubs from each of the major footballing cities in England and Scotland.



Number of teams: 14 in football league – five currently in Premier League – QPR, Fulham, Spurs, Arsenal and Chelsea
Domestic – League Titles – 19, FA Cups – 29, League Cups – 11, Total – 59
European – Champions League – 0, Europa League – 2 , Cup Winners Cup – 4, Total – 6
Combined – 67 trophies


Number of teams: 2 in football league – two currently in Premier League – Manchester United and City
League Titles – 21, FA Cups – 16, League Cups – 6, Total – 43
European – Champions League / European Cup – 3, Europa League / UEFA Cup – 1 , Cup Winners Cup – 2, Total – 6
Combined – 49 trophies


Number of teams: 3 in football league, two currently in Premier League – Liverpool and Everton
League Titles: 27, FA Cups – 12, League Cups – 9, Total -48
European – Champions League / European Cup – 5, Europa League / UEFA Cup – 3 , Cup Winners Cup – 1, Total – 9
Combined – 57 trophies

The tallies show that London is England’s most successful city by number of trophies, with the additional number of teams ensuring dominance over Liverpool and Manchester, who only have two major teams each. The Merseyside city will be keen to exert superiority over it’s Mancunian neighbours, as the teams involved view each other as a local derby and travel insurance is need for away games. Liverpool also can claim to have been the dwelling place of the most top flight league wins, and the most European successes with travel money being splurged by the fans, but is ousted from the top of the list by their lower cup triumphs.



Number of teams: 4 in football league, two currently in SPL – Rangers and Celtic
League Titles – 96, Scottish Cups – 68, League Cups – 41, Total – 205
European – Champions League / European Cup – 1, Europa League / UEFA Cup – 0  , Cup Winners Cup – 1, Total – 2
Combined trophies – 207


Number of teams: 2 in football league, two currently in SPL – Hearts and Hibs
League Titles – 8, Scottish Cups – 9, League Cups – 7, Total – 24
European – Champions League – 0, Europa League – 0 , Cup Winners Cup – 0, Total – 0
Combined trophies – 24

Rangers and Celtic have dominated Scottish football since their inception, and their combined trophy cabinets are bulging at the seams. Their 208 combined victories totally outstrip Hearts and Hibs’ 24, and will be a source of pride for the west coast city.

The duo’s dominance also make Glasgow football most successful city, and with the stranglehold the sides have on the game north of the border, this is unlikely to change anytime soon.

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  1. There is only one place that dominates English football and that is Lancashire, the old Lancashire that is. Before the metropolitan counties came into existence Lancashire included Liverpool, Manchester, Preston, and Blackburn. 6 teams with more league titles than the rest of England put together. Even now if you look at the prem most of the teams are either london or lancashire

  2. I think you’ll find that Scotland and it’s media are the only country in Europe who don’t accept the European Cup and The Champions League as the same competition.
    Even though they will gladly accept Liverpool as having won it five times, that if you go to the Uefa Champions League web-site Celtic are listed as ‘previous winners’ and that Uefa had an enormous televised (across the globe) celebration of the competitions 50th anniversary, during which Celtics crest was proudly displayed, Scotland can and will not accept that Celtic actually won the competition.
    Because rangers have never won it, sadly it’s as simple as that, and despite Celtic also missing out to Feyenoord in 1970, rangers have infact never actually been in a final of the comp.
    Despite having thrown money at the competition since the Souness and Advocaat eras, money they didn’t have and are only now having to face up to, they still remain Scotlands third most successful team in Europe, with Aberdeen having won the Cup Winners Cup and the Super Cup under Alex Ferguson, and have two silver stars above their club crest.
    This, quite pitifully, is to bitter a pill for ‘multi-cultural’ Scotland and it’s excuse for a sports media to swallow!

  3. To make this point about London as a city with its size and 8-10 million population is funny. Look at the size of Liverpool or Manchester by comparison and factor that in, that gives you an idea about succesful cities and fanbase. The NW of England is the most dominant area of the country with 7 teams in the Prem (8 last year) compared with London at 5. That is the more interesting stat.

  4. London the most successful city. Aye, just look at all those European Cup trophies there… Please.

    English football is dominated by Manchester for this generation, and Liverpool for the last.

  5. Umm – doesn’t Manchester have three teams in the Football League?

    I would have thought that Oldham would have counted as being from Manchester, but not being from the UK I can’t say for sure if it is IN Manchester (my understanding is that it’s a suburb) or very close to it.

    While totals are occasionally revealing when using numbers, usually it’s best to compare “Like” against “Like” – ie. I agree with prior comments suggesting that the best way to evaluate is either trophies per team, or per capita population etc.

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