Nike unveils Brazil 2013 home kit with Neymar

Nike unveils Brazil 2013 home kit with Neymar

brazil 2013 home kit

The Brazil 2013 home kit has been unveiled by Nike. The new kit will be worn for the first time against England on February 6th at Wembley Stadium.

The kit was launched as part of the “Batalha das Quadras” (Battle of the Court) – a competition for young players to play small-sided football on a variety of surfaces to sharpen their skills.

Some of the greatest Brazilian players in recent times – like Ronaldo, Ronaldinho and Neymar – have also participated in this tournament.

The new Brazil home kit features the classic colors of football’s most iconic shirt combined with design innovation, giving a nation obsessed with football everything they want from their famous jersey.

The Brazilian kit is like a national flag; it symbolizes a nation. It must be understated, it must be pure and it must inspire.

Neymar said:

“To wear the ‘amarelinha’ is the greatest honor for me and my teammates.

“Football is part of our lives in this country and the new Brazil kit is a classic design with all the technology that we need to perform.”

Brazil 2013 Home Kit


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  1. Funny…..It looks like all their kits! Maybe Nike could have come up with something new in the ay it looks. I guess adding armpit vents is new design for them. Bland same old look!

  2. Neymar has a new look. Blonde hair and an ear diamond that weighs more then he does. Got to love those Brazilian footballers. As soon as they make a name for themselves and make the big money, they start acting like fools and playing at half the level.

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