Bayern Munich going to India

Bayern Munich going to India


Bayern Munich have signed a MOU with the West Bengal government to create an academy to sell Bayern Munich shirts help nurture talent in India.

The Kolkata project will be the first Bayern Academy outside Germany and has Karl-Heinze Rummenigge really excited:

“India is among the biggest countries in the world and I believe it is a good time now that such a country is ready to participate in a World Cup.”

We’ve previously covered Arsenal conducting football trials in India, Manchester United discuss the chances of going to India, Chelsea serve as a backdrop for an Indian movie and even Diego Maradona head to India in recent times.

Rummenigge is adamant that Bayern there to stay and not to make a quick buck – unlike, say, Bayern Munich who went to Malta to play a few games in order to bolster their 2006 World Cup bid (source: Andrew Jennings).

Bayern Munich ladies and gentleman, coming soon to a city near you (if you happen to live in India, that is).

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  1. I went to the oliver kahn testimonial in kolkata & about 130,000 turned up.Despite the ‘BPL’ media blitz,seems like bayern are the best supported foreign club in india which really baffles me TBH.

  2. try making Man United head off to India with Ronaldo leading the line and see how many turn up. Its not about Bayern being well supported, they are the only big club making their rounds there with their big names. Football fans would turn up in the hundreds of thousands to see world class footballers play regardless the team.

  3. Bayern Munich are not the best supported club. But if any top tier team came to India i’d fuckin go to watch them play.

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