Arsenal fans “frustrated” to see signings at rival clubs claim Man City...

Arsenal fans “frustrated” to see signings at rival clubs claim Man City star


Arsenal fans had probably expected more from the club in terms of their transfer dealings. Despite having signed world class player like Alexis Sanchez and adding couple of solid defenders, many expected Arsenal to splash big on a world class midfielder and a striker.

Although they have signed Danny Welbeck from Manchester United on the transfer deadline day, the signing doesn’t appease Arsenal fans whole heartedly for this transfer largely smacks of a panic buy. The England international, no matter how talented he is, still represents a gamble signing from Arsenal.

Bacary Sagna

The frustrating part is, despite knowing that a serious investment is required on the forward department, Arsenal left it so late to find a striker and one gets a feel, had Olivier Giroud not suffered an injury, Wenger probably wouldn’t have signed a striker at all. We all know, how stubborn he can be at times.

On the flip side, Arsenal’s major rivals like Chelsea, Manchester United and Liverpool have all signed top quality strikers this summer.

Bacary Sagna, who left Arsenal this summer to join Manchester City, has a lot of respect for his old club. However, he feels that there might be a tinge of frustration among the fans when they see other rival clubs are strengthening to a good extent.

He said as quoted by French newspaper L’Equipe“Arsenal are and will remain a great team. I understand their fans might be frustrated when they see the transfers happening at other clubs.”

Sagna spent seven long years at Arsenal before leaving North London this summer. He insists that the time was right for him to make the move in order to boost his career.

He added: “It was time for me to change clubs, to boost my career. I progressed a lot at Arsenal with my teammates and Arsène Wenger. I reflected a lot on it and it was a tough decision to make mentally.”

Furthermore, Sagna feels that at Manchester City, there is a competition for places, a reason why he took this challenge to test himself even at the age of 31.

“There are differences when it comes to the city, the clubs, the climate… at City there’s more competition for spots. But it’s what I was looking for, I need it to push myself further.”

I personally think, Arsenal have done a decent business this summer, though could have easily been lot better had they signed a top midfielder and a world class striker.

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  1. I don’t think Sagna has more competition for his position at City. He just has one, an immovable object! Only through injuries or from the coach’s merciful rotation strategy will he ever play. He is already on semi retirement for double the money he was getting at Arsenal. Great deal for him. Now I wish he and motto mouth Nasri could shut up about Arsenal and that yawn about NOT doing it for money

  2. We all need the dosh and much more of it as we get older. You, Me, Zagna and everybody else. As an objective football fan I congratulate any player who can somehow get more dosh for doing exactly the same thing either at same club (Rooney) or with another club (Clinchy, Nazri, Toureh, Zagna etc.). What I don’t want to hear is just how much more passionate the fans are or how new club’s training regime is so rough and tough while it was all huff and puff at the old club.

    Once you make your move, thank your old club players, fans coach etc. and just move on. If the ex-fans want to troll you on the internet, just ignore it. To reclaim your status with your old club stage a comeback (Flamini, Lehman, Henry, Campbell, fabre….ooops)

  3. For what Sagna has just said. Which means that he don tired 4 Arsenal. Becus he is not making money @ Arsenal even Nasri & Clichy or Adebayor they all left Arsenal becus of dat. & that is betrayal they betray Arsenal fans nd Arsene Wenger. Especially stupid players that call him self Samir Nasri is still the insult Arsenal fans & Arsene Wenger after every thing that Arsene Wenger has done for him he still the insult the man. Wat am saying right now is dat. Since they left Arsenal right now. Both Sagna, Clichy, Nasri. They should live us alone we are already through with them they should keep away from Arsenal. They should stop insulting Arsenal fans. Even though they left Arsenal this is not the end of Arsenal. (Soldier go Soldier cum Barrack still remain) since they Nasri left Arsenal We won FA Cup. Since Sagna left Arsenal We won Community Shield. They should Arsenal alone

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