Arsenal to get an extra £24m per year from Emirates for shirt...

Arsenal to get an extra £24m per year from Emirates for shirt sponsorship


Arsenal will receive £30 million per year until 2019 following the news they have extended their current shirt sponsorship deal with Emirates.

The news means that Arsenal and manager Arsene Wenger can expect to look forward to around £60 million in available transfer and surplus funds over the next two seasons before Wenger’s current contract expires.

The news has two major positives for Arsenal. It puts them in a great position ahead of the new break even financial fair play rules and means they have a guaranteed form of back door income over the next seven seasons.

Under the old deal Arsenal were generating around £6 million per year through shirt sponsorship which means the club will now have £24 million per season, minimum, to put back into the team and the club.

Arsenal are in this position because of the sound way the club has been run in a financial sense. Chief Executive Ivan Gazidis recently said the club were putting plans into process which would allow them to compete with any side financially in terms of attracting players over the next five to ten years.

Arsene Wenger has often been criticised for the way he has approached the transfer market for not spending money which Arsenal have available. He now has extra muscle power in this area if he decides to stay at the club beyond the 2013/2014 season.

One of the fundamental reasons that key players have left Arsenal in recent times; Cesc Fabregas, Alex Song, Robin Van Persie to name just a few, is the fact that the wage structure at the club has not been as strong as at Manchester United, Chelsea or Manchester City.

This extra £24 million per year can be used partly to supplement an increase in player wages in an attempt to keep the best players at Arsenal in the hope that the club can get recent success back.

The future looks very rosy for Arsenal financially. The stadium has been paid for and this news only strengthens the club’s financial power over the coming seasons. The news could prompt key player Theo Walcott to sign a new contract.

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  1. We still can’t stump up 100k a week for one of our best players to stay. We sold our two best players of last season Song and RVP- & RVP to Manchester Utd of all places. The season before, our two best players- Nasri & Fabregas were also sold, as well as Clichy. Two years before that, key players at the time- Adebayor & Toure were sold to Man City. The year before that, two more key players gone- Flamini allowed to run his contract down & Hleb sold to Barcelona, plus promising Diarra allowed to go to Real. It’s been going on forever now- Anelka, Overmars, Petit, Henry etc.Yeah we are making ridiculous profits on these players- whoopee!! If you look at a club like Bayern Munich they just wont sell if they don’t want to. Our net spend over the last five years is minus £45 million. That is £30 mill less than Everton, £33 mill less than Wigan, £43 mill less than Swansea, £48 mill less than Spurs, £60 mill less than Norwich, £63 mill less than Southampton, £71 milli less than West Ham, £81 mill less than QPR, £107 mill less than Utd, £114 mill less than Villa, £120 mil less than Stoke. I dont expect us to compete with Chelsea & City in the transfer market while Usmanov remains marginalised but they spent £276 mill & £452 mill more than us on transfers in this period, respectively. If you look back since 2003, our net transfer spend is minus £23 million, you have Spurs outspending us by £120 mill, Liverpool by £180 mill, Southampton are the closest to us, spending 16 million more. It is absolutely ridiculous and illustrates just what miracles Wenger has been working- so fans should always bare this in mind when about to criticise him. When you consider we are in the Champions League every single year and the amount of money this generates, something is massively wrong- we are trully a business masquerading as a football club.

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