PHOTO: New signing Kim Kallstrom in Arsenal shirt

PHOTO: New signing Kim Kallstrom in Arsenal shirt


Arsenal have completed a deal for Swedish international midfielder Kim Kallstrom, with the 31-year-old moving to North London on loan for the remainder of the season.


Kallstrom arrives at the Emirates from Russian side Spartak Moscow, with the Gunners moving swiftly to bring in cover for the injured Aaron Ramsey.

Kallstrom spoke to the Official Arsenal Website after signing, and said:

“Arsenal is an amazing club with a lot of great players and a coach who has done really well here for a long time. I am so pleased to come here to learn as much as possible. I’m here to do my best for Arsenal and to help out the team, so we can achieve good results for the last part of the season.”

Welsh international Ramsey is out for at least six weeks through injury, Arsene Wenger confirmed today, and Kallstrom is seen as able cover for the 23-year-old.

What do you think? happy with the signing, Gunners fans? Let me know in the comments below…

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  1. That is. A useless signing,just because Giroud is a french guy,that is why wenger refuse to sign striker,he does not want to bench. Giroud.Wenger is a shameless coach,and lacks ambition.I know arsenal wil remain trophyless again this season,mark my words

    • u are right.Wenger is protecting his french interest knowing fully well that bring in a world class player will cost his french flop a lot but the interest of the club should be above any selfish interst.Arsenal will go throphiless this season again.

    • Sure, whats the thing with these foriegn coaches.look at sunderland with itallians and wenger has that french altruism instinct..french shock!
      By the way thats why english football is way down the rader . Look at France’s performance if they were a team in the premier league then typically that could be arsenal-ever gambling despite the hype of its players.

  2. some one who is unused in Russia how could such one be fit in arsenal team as quick as possible ?

  3. Kallstrom is not d solution to our problem, wenger pls get us a sharp nd exprienced striker pls

  4. Giroud is a model and not a striker.a good striker bullies defenders.well, how do we compete with the likes of city n chelsea in this second and hectic half of the season without some re-enforcement? We have loads of injuries and busy fixtures aswell.seems wenger shld also have a capitalist mindset on signing new players if he wants some silverware. Its done time he stops being too monetary conscious and spend to get result as other top teams are doin.

  5. wenger is such a useless and shameless coach kallstrom is not the problem for arsenal,just because Giroud is a french man that why he refused to sign striker,if wenger dont leave arsenal,arsenal would be 15years without trophy.

  6. Asene wenger lack ambition. And arsenal may not b able 2 win anything again now that epl is more competitive than before until wenger is out bcz he is always ok with mediocrity that is why he cannot and will never be able 2 win champs. Lig. Until he is out AFC cnt b gr8t again. Bcz it is nt in d level of ten yrs ago.therefore, i asiwaju want AW. Out

  7. Arsenal is a mean man, why you a wife up the money, that y our competitors will always be ahead of us. This is the worse signing ever. U are second in the league and u did strengthen your team for the second phase of the system. Wenger do you really want to win. I do not think so.

  8. Me and my friends have been waiting for the day that the Illuminati will take Arsen Wenger the Vulture … he is a Useless Fool and Idiot..
    i don’t know why they refuse to sack that Animal..
    before we are told Arsenal are in Link to Sign Moreta ,Demba Ba,ETC.. some one who can make things Happen…

    but the Vulture.. have insist to not to make any Good signing.. I’m very very Disappointed..

    i can’t believe Arsenal not carry anything this season Again..
    fuck Wenger… son of a Bitch

  9. It is true that Arsene wenger lacks ambition, nd his unreasonable signing will make arsenal to remain trophyless again this season if care is not taking. In fact am not happy with this useless signing at all, not with KIM but with wenger himself. What we needed right now is more than one signing, we needed a gud finisher/striker to balance this equation nd if not no way. But let’s see till the end of the season. Good-luck Mr Wenger!

  10. I’m very muc a desapointed gunner lover,we are in such a great position to try and achieve somting but da prof go and get a benched 31year old 2 try and cover for AR16,shows how muc succes means 2 da prof for our bloved arsenal. #sad day#,I’m sure come da summer bayern or some big club will get draxler instead of us,n he will be like a eden hazard who was in our grasps but due to stingyness went 2 da blues.

  11. Arsene Wenger has shown that he has the interest of the club at heart by adding at least one play. Up Arsenal!

  12. Same old sh** it is just a different season.Wenger nedds to step down because he can no longer make developmental decissions 4 da club.We havnt scored 5 goals in one game,we havent had a hatrick this season and most of the games we score jst two goals by midfielders.That is why teams that score more than one goal wil mek us drop points.Example Man City and Soton.WENGER shdnt b given a new deal before we see what he wins this season.If he cant win silverware let the mf go#Period

  13. kim kallstrom is a good and new signing front wenger,bt d only problem here is dat,d type of football we play I am afraid if he can coop wit us so as fast Jst as ozil?plz wenger we need sharp strikers dat can make us win dis trophy?we arsenal fan from nigeria we are pleading pls?

  14. wenger is stupid. He doesn’t want to keep giroud on the bench thats why he didn’t buy a striker.. Is he not seeing man city with 4 big strikers #Aguero #Negredo #Dzeko and #Jovetic arsenal aint winnin a trophy

  15. Quite unfortunate dat kim cnt mke any arsenal,d club need a prolific striker.trophyless seazn looming! Watch out dis “february”

  16. i wanted an experience striker but wenger did the contuary.lets suffer with Girud like that.yet supporters had increased.

  17. Kim is not a bad player and I think he could help arsenal. stay in the top four. Giroud is a wayward striker he cant lead arsenal frontline to trophy…….

  18. Kim is not a bad player and I think he could help arsenal. stay in the top four. Giroud is a wayward striker he cant lead arsenal frontline to win a trophy…….

  19. Wenger is a uselles coach he dos’t think about the #fans he’s a selfish man because #Giroud is a french man that why he decide not to sign better striker for us, but let wait and see what will happen, #SHAMELESS man

  20. If wenger loaned the player then am sure he knows kim can do a job 4 the team he alone is in a better position 2 knw what arsenal needs at this time…its time for us fans 2 start trusting his judgement once again…wenger knows best! I 4 1 believe arsenal wont end de season without a trophy.

  21. There will be no trophy this year again. There is some thing rong with the club manager. He always make anger the funs on transfer. But we are ARSENAL forever. Goooo arsenal.

  22. Gooners call Mourinho a cheque book coach and Chelsea, ManC, Real Madrid, pSG etc are cheque book clubs. However, most Gooners are hypocrites. You’d sooner join the cheque book club than you care to admit.16 or so matches remaining in the season, arsenal up there with the cheque book clubs yet some Gooners still think we are fluke (yet they blame the media and experts for saying so). Gooners talk about ‘solution’. What solution? Solution to what problem? Problem if disrespect for Wenger and the crop of players that are just one point behind the league leaders after 22 games! Incredible! Cheque book Gooners sit back and support the young soldiers who are doing their best to make us happy every week.

    As for tribal/racial slurs about Wenger not buying a striker to protect fellow Frenchie Giroud. That’s so low you need a free transfer to go support another sport maybe bowling or something like that.

    Gooners support your team it is doing so well

  23. you failed us already arsene. we just wanted a prolific striker not a waster of chances like giroud. we wil continue to struggle until end of time. am not happy at all

  24. arsenal will go trophy less again. Dis is not d singing we need. we need experience striker who can challenge giroud up front.

  25. wenger… Is like a cheep without no destination… Becouse he those nt know what it takes to land at the right place… Left for him

  26. The day wenger will decide that he want trophies,he will get but at the moment he want money and he is getting….,new three year conract, shame on u Arsene

  27. pls my follow gunners fans let us leave arsene wenger 4 now, it is the north london that give him the arthority,because they stud by him,i thing they didn’t want any trophy this season, if they want to have any trophy this season they suppose know what to do, we are just a fans, as 4 me i don’t hate any body

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