Arsenal vs Chelsea – picking a combined team

Arsenal vs Chelsea – picking a combined team


In the Manchester United vs Liverpool squad mashup post, PlasticScouser asked about the best ‘Arsenal vs Chelsea’ combined team.

Now I’m not one to shirk from a good controversial position, so here’s my pick of a combined team from the two London sides.

Note that the same conditions apply here as they did in the previous post – starting 11, manager and 7 bench players. Remember that I’m neither an Arsenal nor a Chelsea fan – thank God for that…

Disclaimer: Please remember that when you carry out this ‘combination exercise’ between two top teams like Arsenal and Chelsea, the decisions are based on the tiniest of differences as in most cases both players will be very close in terms of ability. So don’t take too much offense and realise that with a slight adjustment the decision can easily go the other way.

Ready? On we go.


Formation: 4-3-3/4-5-1

Manager: Arsene Wenger

Starting 11: Cech, Gallas, Toure, Terry, Ashley Cole, Fabregas, Essien, Lampard, Joe Cole, van Persie, Henry

Bench: Lehmann, Boulharouz, Carvalho, Makelele, Ballack, Drogba, Robben

Score: Arsenal 7-12 Chelsea


Note that this team is being picked for this season – that is, it’s a one-off season based on current Arsenal and Chelsea squads. I’ve picked an alternative team later on in this article for a squad for the next 3 years.

Several tough calls to be made here and I’m sure people will disagree. The ones I think could have gone either way I’ve put in bold.

Mourinho vs Wenger – Under Wenger, Arsenal have had the capability to explode into action once properly motivated. The squad picked is balanced and needs little motivation to perform at a high level. Wenger will be better suited to this squad (even if it has 12 Chelsea players).

Cech vs Lehmann – Lehmann is a better shot-stopper, Cech is more agile and can command his box much better. Cech over the course of the season. Getting hit in the face by a football doesn’t make you a better keeper…

Gallas vs Lauren – It would be a travesty to leave Gallas out of the starting 11. He is the best defender out of the 5 central defenders picked, although in this case I’ve put him at right-back because I’m sure that Gallas will do a better job there than Lauren and Eboue (not to mention Ferriera).

Toure vs Carvalho – Toure’s faster and stronger – and along with Terry can form a frighteningly powerful central defensive pairing.

Ashley Cole – Easy, dead easy.

Essien vs Makelele – I see Essien as the long-term successor of Makelele at Chelsea and he is already outshining despite being made to play at out of position. It’s a shame United missed out on him.

Lampard vs Ballack – Could have been a tough choice until you realise that Fabregas already provides the creative impetus in mdifield. With an attacking, goal-scoring midfielder the main requirement, you’d be foolish to dismiss Lampard’s record for Chelsea.

Fabregas vs Ballack – The Arsenal youngster fills in the creative role while Ballack is slightly alien to these 4-5-1 conditions where he will have to share his midfield with two other strong midfielders. Ballack is good, but is he up to the pace and physical strength of the Premiership? He could excel next season, but right now I’d bet on Fabregas and Essien and Lampard.

Joe Cole vs Rosicky – Rosicky has a deadly long-range shot, but Cole has the drive to make things happen and is, overall, a better player on the wing. I don’t want to leave Rosicky out, but the long-range shooting is covered in this squad and so are the creative skills.

van Persie vs Robben – both players are outrageously talented, but van Persie wins this one because of a greater willingness (albeit marginally) to be a team player.

Henry vs Shevchenko vs Drogba – If you had to pick one striker, who would you pick, really? The Arsenal man wins, over and over and over again.

Bench – Boulharouz for right-back, and Carvalho for the centre-backs (with Gallas providing cover across the back four). Makelele comes in for his defensive strengths and plus a Makelele-Ballack midfield in a 4-4-2 is too delicious to leave out. No Sheva on the bench – sorry, Droggie wins it for the Premiership, at least for this season while Robben is the impact sub.

Alternative Team

Made this list considering that we were building a team for the next three years (and for this season only).

Formation: 4-5-1/4-3-3

Manager: Mourinho (give Mourinho a team for 3 years (and limit his funds) and he will put out a crack squad of storm troopers).

Starting 11: Cech, Lauren, Gallas, Terry, Cole, Fabregas, Essien, Lampard, Joe Cole, van Persie, Henry

Bench: Cudicini, Toure, Boulharouz, Baptista, Ballack, Drogba, Robben

Score: Arsenal 7-12 Chelsea

Why?: Well, the squad is young apart from Lehmann, Sheva, Ballack, Makelele and Gallas, so age doesn’t make much of a difference here. Cudicini is a bit younger than Lehmann so is likely to last 3 years, while Gallas, Sheva and Ballack will probably last as well. Makelele? Sorry mate, you’re out.

Fans’ Choice

Now it’s your turn – let me know your starting 11 and manager pick for a combined Arsenal and Chelsea team, according to the criteria listed here. Oh and don’t forget to mention which club you support :)

England vs Macedonia - Can McClaren make home advantage count? is mine, ALL MINE!


  1. I think you hit the nail on the head with your first team. Maybe I’d have Eboue on the bench instead of Boulharouz because Eboue would add more of an attacking dimension should you need it. Otherwise I think you’re probably right.

  2. with all those central midfielders available you want to put Frank Lampard in there? You just dicredit your reasoning by going that way for me…anyhooo here’s mine: Cech, Gallas, Terry, Toure, Cole, Hleb, Fabregas, Makelele, Rosicky, Cole, Hennry. If Reyes was available i would choose him over J Cole in Europe. If we play with 2 strikers at home i would take Van Persie over Drogba and Sheva (atleast until he proves to be a good signing) and drop either J cole or Rosicky depending on how important retaining ball possession would be/width required….. Essien in at more physical opponents like away at Bolton or BlackBurn. With the current squads the options are limitless really, but in a few years Arsenal will have a stronger squad.

  3. —————-cech————
    –Joe cole—————–Robben

    toure,drogba,van persie,fabregas,makelele,lehman

    Manager : wengeer

    manutd fan

  4. That is an interesting exercise, but my squad would be slightly different to yours (I support Arsenal):

    Formation 4-4-2

    Manager: A Wenger

    Cech — Gallas, Terry, Toure, Eboue — Rosicky, Fabregas, Makelele, Robben — Henry, Drogba

    Bench: Lehman, A Cole, Senderos/Djourou, Hleb, Essien, Baptista, van Persie

    Score: Arsenal 12-7 Chelsea

    I would definitely have Gallas on the left or center as I think that the combination of Gallas/Eboue as fullbacks would bring more than A Cole/Gallas.

    Fabregas has to play Center Midfield. So I have to lose Lampard.
    Rosicky over J Cole any day.
    Being French I rate Makelele more than Essien but I don’t particularly follow Chelsea so my decision to partner Fabregas in CM could be swayed.
    I rate Robben more than J Cole, but yet again I am not a Chelsea fan.
    Drogba over van Persie for his consistency and the fact that with Henry it would be a lethal association.

    A Cole over Boulharouz is a no brainer.
    Senderos and Djourou, I think are much better CDs than Carvalho.
    Hleb has to be in my squad so Ballack goes. Don’t need him anyway as Baptista also needs to be here (he will cover both CM and SK).

    Alternative team for the future:

    Manager: A Wenger

    Cech — Clichy, Terry, Toure, Eboue — Rosicky, Fabregas, Essien, Walcott — Henry, van Persie

    Bench: An Other, A Cole, Djourou, Hleb, Essien, Baptista, Bendtner

    Score: Arsenal 13-5 Chelsea

    Wenger is a much better manager to nurture young talents than Mourinho so I would trust him with my young players.

    Clichy will be the new Cole (better defensively and already more promising in attack).
    Eboue has in my opinion already overtaken Lauren.
    Walcott over J Cole for me.

    Cudicini has not convinced me he is the keeper of the future. I think we need to wait and see if Chelsea and/or Arsenal buy a new keeper in the coming season.

    To be honest I have put a lot of Arsenal youngsters in this squad as I a not too familiar with the Chelsea ones.

  5. Lehman
    Eboue toure terry cole

    hleb Fabregas lampard Van perse


    Subs: Cech Gallas Rosicky Essien Drogba baptista ( One Sub for a defender but not he an play anywhere at the back!!!!

  6. Support Chelsea

    Gallas Toure Terry A.Cole
    Rosicky Lampard Makelele J.Cole
    Drogba Henry

    Don’t argue for Fabregas’s inclusion. Creative and a good passer he may be but Lampard runs more, scores more and makes more passes, and tackles. Plus Fabregas has a poor attitude towards opponents.
    Eboue, Lehmann, Ballack, Shevchenko, Carvalho, V. Persie, Robben.
    Manager is Mourinho. 2 titles in 2 years head to head with Wenger.

  7. Yes, but who would win out of the Arsenal/Chelsea vs ManUtd/Liverpool combined teams and why?

    This could go on for ever…

  8. the fans picking fabregas over lampard must be a bit loose.
    did they judge lampard over the past 7 games or over the past 2 seasons?

    i guess a picking a combined united-chelsea and arsenal-liverpool squad would be more challenging.

  9. Robben on the left wing

    he is the best or potentially the best left winger in the world

    man utd fan

  10. Team for next 3 years:
    Club Supported: West Ham
    Manager Wenger

    GK Cech
    RB Eboue
    CB Toure
    CB Senderos
    LB Cole
    DM Essien
    RM Rocicky
    CM Cesc
    CM Lampard
    LM J Cole
    Fw henry

    Subs Cudaccini, Terry, Gallas, Ballack, Hleb, Drogba, Walcott

    Why: Wenger v Mourinho? Without Money or Portugual FA backing, Mourinho has done nothing.
    Senderos will, in the next 3 years be the best CB around, and has an understanding with Toure. Terry is a great leader and motivator, but not the best CB around.
    Joe Cole will only get better in the next few years.
    With Cesc playing in the centre, Lamps can get forward to support Henry.

  11. I think thats a total bullshit team mate. How can you not put Eboue in ? He has been Arsenals best player since Christmas of last season. Plus the team is too narrow and you have to put in an out and out winger like Robben.
    My team:

  12. cech
    eboue terry toure cole
    jcole makelele essien fabregas robben

    lehmANN, gallas, gilberto,ballack, rosicky, van persie, drogba
    sheva would normally do drogba any day, but drogshit helps give the teAM A FLUKEY LUCKY AS FUCK NEW DIMENSION. PEACE, WAH BLOW , J – WAH – RICE AND PEA

  13. just another idea ahmed, i noticed on the offical liverpool web site that they were running a Top 100 greatest ever players to wear the famous red shirt and are currently in the top 10, with the likes of steven gerrard, john barnes, ian rush and kenny dalglish getting a mention. You could maybe do a series on asking fans to vote for the top 10 players ever to represent their respective clubs. keep up the good work. Back to topic, i would pick a starting eleven with only two from the arsenal team – toure and henry.

  14. Your team makes sense, but I strongly disagree with your choice of manager. I don’t like Mourinho (for obvious reasons) but yet I have to admit that he is currently the Best manager in Europe…sadly even better than SAF :-(

    A good manager is someone that can bring out the best from his players. I have not seen a better motivator of players than Mourinho. Just look back at what he did with “a team of nothings” (porto) 2 years in a row (this just after being with them a year). We thought he would flop in the EPL, he didn’t. HE is the reason people like Lampard, Cole, Terry, etc are regarded as highly as they are.

    I disagree with his “type” of play (too boring) but must admit, its effective.

  15. Man Utd fan
    Cole Robben
    Subs:Lehmann,Eboue,Senderos,Ballack,Rosicky,Van Persie,Drogba

    Manager: Wenger

  16. Club Supported: Arsenal

    Manager; Wenger

    Formation: 4-5-1

    GK: Cech
    Right Back: Eboue
    Centre: Terry, Toure
    Left: Cole
    Right Mid: Rosicky
    Centre: Fabregas, Essien
    Attackin Mid: Ballack
    Left: J Cole
    Striker: Henry

    Subs: Gallas, Shevchenko, Robben, Van Persie, Helb, Lehmann

    GK: CECH
    LB: A.COLE
    LM: J.COLE



  18. GK:Cech


    Manager: Wenger.

    SUBS:Lehman,Cole,Carvalho, Makelele,Rosicky/Robben, Helb/Van Persie.

    This is base on form. Beening a gunners fan i have no hard feelings for A.Cole. But he could play Better. Eboue offer more with his pace and power.Cech and Lehman hard decision Lehman maybe in better form, but give u that heart in ur mouth stuff has well.Henry and Lampard should be in any side.Drogba been score goals so he gets the nodd. Manager well a rich head may pick Jose. Wenger has done so much more. A club 4 the future. Formation 4-4-2 pruely because i hate formation with 1 striker mind u if u had the right players in the midfield 4-5-1 will work.As mr Wenger is proving

  19. Hmm.. Interesting.

    The side i’d pick.

    Manager – Jose Mourinho.

    Charismatic and determined. Intelligent and decisive. The best manager around. He took porto to consecutive titles and consecutive european trophies. He has been desperately unlucky in the Champions League, where he has been foiled by the eventual winners twice in two seasons.

    Wenger might be good at buying 16 year old foreign boys, but 2 seasons of his team’s inconsistant performances and excuses let everyone down after a glittering career in the premiership.

    1. Cech (The best keeper in the world)

    2. Ferreria (The most under-rated Chelsea player ever.)

    3. A.Cole

    4. Carvalho(Toure is a good defender, but Carvalho was alongside Cannavaro as the best centre backs at the world cup. Gallas is better than toure, and Mourinho picked Carv over Billy for 2 years given the choice. Enough said)

    5. Terry

    6. Essien/Ballack (Essien for power, Ballack for finesse)

    7. Robben (One of the best wingers in the world, when fit and motivated, he is unstoppable)

    8. Lampard (He scores as many as strikers, and defends well, breaking from deep and setting up the forwards with inch perfect passes.)

    9. Henry (When on form, totally lethal.)

    10.Drogba (Power, touch, finishing, pace, heading, tackling)

    11. J.Cole (Great winger.)

    On current form, Shevchenko doesn’t deserve to be in the side. I rate Van Persie, off the bench he is dangerous.

    Subs: Lehmann, Eboue, V.Persie, Essien/Ballack, Shevchenko

    Rosicky (unproven at the top level) and Fabregas (still young… small, one-dimensional and a tad slow) wouldn’t get anywhere near that side.

    Eboue would get in the side depending on the tactics. (As with portugal, Ferreria is considered their best right back, but they went for a wing-back in the world cup because it suited their formation.)

  20. GK: CECH

    DL: COLE




  21. I’m a United fan.

    Manager: Mourinho because Wenger never uses 4-3-3 but that’s my choice.

    Cech РGallas, Terry, Tour̩, Cole РEssien, Lampard, Makelele РCole, Henry, Robben

    Subs: Drogba, Shevchenko, Fabregas, Bridge, Rosicky, Lauren, Hleb

  22. I did this on the manc-mick thread, but have since changed my mind.

    Eboue Terry Gallas Bridge
    Fabregas Essien Robben
    Henry Drogba

    Manager: JM, obviously. He’s won the Champions League, after all.

    Subs: Lehmann, Toure, Ferreira, Ballack, J Cole, Shevchenko, Van Persie.

  23. Cech

    Eboue — Terry — Gallas — Cashley

    SWP —– Cesc —- Essien — Joe Cole

    Henry — Drogba

    Subs: Lehmann, Carvalho, Toure, Makelele, Lampard, Robben, Van Persie

    Coach: Wenger

  24. Im an Arsenal supporter

    Manager: Mourinho




    Subs: Lehmann, Cole, Lampard, VanPersie, Shevchenko

  25. My Arsenal/Chelsea team would be :-
    Manager Arsene Wenger, his 10 years of success speak for themselves and without Russian millions to spend
    Cech (if he recovers from the horrific injury at Reading – here’s good luck to him)
    Eboue – Toure – Terry – Gallas
    Fabregas – Makelele – Ballack – Rosicky
    Henry – Drogba

    Subs Lehmann, Joe Cole, Hleb, Robben, Van Persie,

    I may be biased being an Arsenal fan, but the Chelsea players shown are the sum of the ones I would choose to see playing for us. Individually I do not rate many of the others, so I suppose in a way its a tribute to Mourinho that he has drilled them into winners (never thought I would say that)

  26. the team looks like this
    lampard,J cole,Essien,Fabregas

    This is a perfect 4-4-2
    Gallas is theleft full back in this case and Fabregas the holding midfielder
    Manager: mourinho

  27. Lehmann
    Eboue, Toure, Gallas, Clichy
    Hleb, Fabregas, Gilberto, Rosicky
    Van Persie, Henry

    Manager = Arsene of course

    and of course i am an arsenal fan :o) abromovich needs to die and then we will see how good chelsea are and if shaun wright phillips the little fool wants to stay there with little-no wages

  28. GK: CECH

    DL: COLE



  29. Hi there im from Costa Rica

    Manager: the best in the world: Mourinho

    GK: Petr Cech





    I think that it was a waste of money the transfers of those ballack and sheva they are extremely bada especially ballack he is an offensive midfielder and he does more fouls than any!!!!!! and sheva… words why having crespo the agree a transfer for sheva they let go an excelent forward and why havin essien lamps and makelele they got balllack. i hope that in january chelsea got players like fernando torres or david villa that are good and young not like kalou that is young but its a BITCH!!!!!!!


  31. most of you lot have problems. it is easy just put out the whole chelsea team which is 100 times better than arsenal.


  32. What a great idea. I agree with Ahmeds formation, apart from I’d have Robben ahead of Cole on the Left, then have Lampard in a right sided position and put Drogba with Henry instead of Van Persie. I’d also have Carvalho instead of Terry

  33. Manager : Wenger better history in the League

    GK: Cech
    RB: Toure
    CB: Terry
    CB: Gallas
    LB: Clichy
    RM: Cesc
    CM: Essien
    CM: Lampard
    LM: Rosicky
    CF: Henry
    CF: Drogba

    Subs: Lehmann,Carvllo,Robben,Gilberto,Van Persie,

  34. Cech (GK)

    Toure (RB)
    Terry (CB)
    Gallas (CB)
    Eboue (RB)

    Fabregas (RM)
    Lampard (CM)
    Essien (CM)
    Hleb (LM)

    Henry (CF)
    Drogba (CF)

  35. Arsenal Fans.

    GK – Petr Cech
    DL – Cole
    CB – Toure,Terry
    DR – Gallas
    CDM- Essien
    CAM – Cesc
    WGL – J.Cole (Would be robben if he was on form)
    WGR – Rosicky
    S – Drogba
    S – Henry (Genius)

  36. Man U/Liverpool

    GK – Reina
    DL – Riise
    DC – Carragher, Rio
    DR – G. Neville
    CDM – Mascherano (Hargreaves could turn out the be the better option)
    CAM – Gerrard
    WGL – Ronaldo
    WGR – Nani ( Will turn out to be a great signing just watch!)
    S – Rooney, Kuyt (Crouch is close)

  37. Manager: Wenger

    ———————————van Persie———————————–Drogba———————————-
    Subs: Lehmann, Clichy, Lampard, Gilberto, Kalou.

    Some may question the use of Eboué in midfield but his style is more suited to that position.

    Score: Arsenal 8:8 Chelsea.

  38. arsenal fan-
    M- wenger has to be manager( if we want the best, it has to be entertaining as well as reliable, arsene has proven both in past seasons, jose has not)
    GK- cech- (world’s best)
    RB- toure- if arsenal had two other top class central defs,he would play there every week.
    LB- cashley- as much as it hurts me to say
    CD- gallas- better stats with terry than carvalho
    CD- terry- brick wall
    LM- robben- chelsea’s best attacking player
    RM- rosicky- too good to leave out, skillful, good cross, good passer, lethal shot
    CM- Fabregas- anyone think of a more accurate passer, seems to have so much tim on the ball
    CM- essien- the more defensive CM, strong, quick and can get forward and score.
    CF- drogba- hope last season was a one-off.
    CF-van persie- same reasons as rosicky
    subs: lehmann, carvalho, gilberto, j.cole, adebayor

  39. Not quite perfect mate how can you leave out Lampard he’s the best attacking midfielder of both teams.

    Manager: Mourinho

    LB:Cole – Easy pick here

    RB:Gallas – Not quite sure on this once but i like Gallas so..

    CB:Terry – Easy here one of the best CB around nowadays.

    CB:Toure – Same goes for Toure one of the best CB around.

    LM:Joe Cole – Awesome player has alot to offer also adds width.

    RM:Robben – When on form one the most talented players in the prem, also adds width to the team.

    CM:Essien – Essien for Defensive midfield allowing Lamps to move up.

    CAM:Lampard – No brainer one of the most complete midfielders in the game today, pinnacle passing, rocket shots and intelligent play make him a shoe-in over Fabregas.

    ST:Drogba – Easy stunning player plays a good holding striker.
    ST:Henry – Lethal finish one of the best in the world, Sheva didnt look to good last season if he improves maybe.

    Chelsea: 9
    Arsenal: 3

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