How Arsenal’s business model restricts Wenger but benefits the club in long-term

How Arsenal’s business model restricts Wenger but benefits the club in long-term


Arsene Wenger has never been under greater pressure in the 16 years he has spent as Arsenal manager. Following Arsenal’s penalty shoot out defeat at the hands of Bradford City in the League Cup, Wenger is being attacked over the same old issues.

What Arsenal, and football fans in general, need to bear in mind is that the Frenchman is working within a strict business model engineered to benefit the club over the coming seasons, even if the bookies’ Premier League tips put 4th place as the best Arsenal can do for now.

Any Arsenal fan would happily bear the current form of the side and the recent record of the side if it meant a solid chance of winning the Premier League title and the European Cup over the next three to four years.

However, football fans are an impatient bunch so it’s important to look at Arsenal’s immediate objectives and how they can grow and recover from this latest setback.

A number of media sources are talking about how Everton and in particularly Liverpool, will surge and challenge the top four places in the league this season. Arsenal, an experienced top four side, are in a better position than either because they have a manager who has been consistent during his time at the club.

Arsenal fans need to be very careful over how much pressure they put on the club in relation to their manager because he is driving a well oiled machine that could be caused to breakdown under the style of another coach.

The fans also need to bear in mind that Wenger is playing a side riddled with problems and he is using a lot of young players. There is talk over Bacary Sagna and Theo Walcott leaving the club instead of staying and supporting it through a difficult time.

Wenger at least deserves the chance to develop Arsenal under their business model in the next few seasons which should see the club spend a little more on transfers and retain key players as they can pay more wages.

Arsenal fans will be sick of hearing about patience and they want results considering they are paying more than ever before to watch their club.

The point is, Wenger can make Arsenal great again, another manager may have a short term effect but that person will not understand where Arsenal have come from and where they are meant to be going.

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    • I think the writer of the article is the PA to Arsene Wenger.

      The fact remains that Wenger should accept that times have changed. What the people we were dominating over the years were doing, they no longer do it so we should device another means.

      Everton, Tottenham as well as WBA have never being a challenge to us in the years past. They did something and that was reinforcement and keeping their best. We did the opposite.

      Imagine what Arsenal would have been by now if Fabregas, Van Persie, Samir Nasir, Clichy, Alex Song are still in the team being supported by Wiltshere, Carzola, Arteta, etc Tell me the team that would play us and escape with 3-0.

      If you talk about money, most good players generate more than they earn, so why cant we pay more.

      The people that decieves us tells us about Arsenal Model, how much in debt is Real Madrid, Barcelona,Manchester United etc.

      Each time, Wenger tells us that you cant find good players in the January window,what has he does he do in the Summer window.

      I don’t want to believe that Wenger is the chief scout for other clubs while at the same time selling to them from what he has. This is evident in his discovering Juan Mata, Cahill and Eden Hazard,for Chelsea, Smalling and Phil Jones for Man U,Silver for Man City including the ones he sold to them. I can go on and on.

      Wenger should know that football is serious business and that it is only good players that willgive you a good tean and a good team wins matches and draws investments and endorsements to the club which brings moremoney

  1. If you honestly believe that it’s your opinion but that’s rubbish try reading arsenal making of a super club then come back to me we have plenty of reasorces

  2. I’m glad to read something with a little perspective! Defeat hurts, of course it does but all these ‘decapitate Wenger’ stories and comments are terrible!!

  3. I don’t buy the business model and do not think that the path being currently charted out will assure success. By ensuring complete profitability (as Arsenal currently do), I think they are short changing the growth of the club. Sure, one doesn’t have to become a Chelsea or a Real Madrid. But, just as with most countries having some debt is not bad, Arsenal (and Arsene) ought to focus on the more important question of Club performance in the different tournaments. The emphasis on the finances to the degree that Arsenal is doing, will likely cause the club to slide down until they reach a point when someone like Roman will step in, splurge the cash to make us a top flight club again. Don’t get me wrong, I buy into Arsene and still believe he knows best, but it seems to me that he has got the balance (between club finances and quality of players) wrong. Chances are he has overestimated his ability to develop the players into superstars.

  4. This is a tired old trope- Arsenal sucks now because they are investing in the future.

    This is such crap,considering they have neither saved a large portion of the money they earned from sales nor do they have that many youth teamers who have made the jump up.

    Arsenal have sold away their identity though. They lose every title for 8 years and expect to still be seen as legitimate contenders, raise ticket prices to abuse their fans even further, sell away all their best and most influencial players while trying to lowball all their remaining talent, dilute their ‘philosophy’ by bringing in players like Podolski & Girould
    who ruin buildup plays by shooting too early.

    Chelsea’s constant managerial changes threaten their identity, but that’s much better than the low standard tolerated by Arsenal.

  5. I don’t believe that Arsenal’s main problem at the moment is a financial one. As long as teams like Chelsea and City can offer ridiculous amounts of cash for players, every team apart from the cash loaded in the EPL will suffer. Hence some owners and managers push for FIFA Fair Play. The biggest problem Wenger has had is player disloyalty, which he could not have predicted. He lost 3 crucial players in 3 consecutive seasons. Nasri left for money, Fabregas left for home and Van Persie left because he is chasing silverware. Its easy to say “OK, replace them.” But with who? Who could possibly replace Van Persie after his last season at Arsenal? Imagine Barcelona losing Xavi, Iniesta and Messi in 3 consecutive seasons? Could they then compete with Madrid at the top of La Liga? I doubt it. Give Wenger time to mold his current squad, and be thankful that Arsenal fans can boast they still have one of the best managers in the world at the helm of a great club.

    • The fact is a lot of fans had lost that patience. I still believe in Wenger though, ’cause of him, we are still playing top flight football today.
      Bad times for Wenger, all he needs to spring back up this season is sign two talented players; and in my own opinion, Jesus Navas and Tiote or Capoue.

    • Player loyalty is a 2-way street, and Arsenal have taken a stingy contract approach towards all its players since Cesc departed, even the rising stars and key players.

      The fact is, Arsenal could have done a lot more financially to hang onto Nasri or Van Persie. That such key players were sold indicates how little importance success, team identity or individual loyalty mattered to the club, so what’s the benefit to committing to a sinking club which wouldn’t even commit to you?

      And the sad thing is, this has been the pattern for 7 years:

      • I agree it is definitely a 2 way street, but I do not believe that a club should have to completely alter its wage structure because some billionaire oil tycoon wants to throw ridiculous amounts of money around. Where does it end? I think people, including players, have to be realistic and come to terms with the fact that financially, the footballing world has changed dramatically since Arsenal last won the title. And, while it has been a long time since Arsenal have lifted silverware, surely that does not mean they should then have to throw their core values out the window and give into the absurdity of a “money grows on trees” philosophy? Hopefully, the financial FIFA Fair Play Regulations will sort all this mess out…

        • Making an exception for 1-2 key players to maintain squad fluidity is a far cry from a financial upheaval. More than that, it’s a signal or intent, much like selling those players is a signal of decline.

          This financial strictness is not one of Arsenal’s historic core values… it is the forced consequence of not winning silverware, which brings in considerable money for wages, transfers, etc. Sugar daddies explain City & Chelsea, but not Barcelona or United which are the teams which poached Arsenal’s latest crop. It’s a lack of resources and apparent ambition/growth which made the poaching so easy.

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