Alex Ferguson: Mourinho could replace me

Alex Ferguson: Mourinho could replace me


Sir Alex Ferguson has revealed that he thinks Jose Mourinho is capable of succeeding him as Manchester United manager.

Ferguson has been in charge of the Old Trafford club for 26 years and there is a great deal of speculation over who will follow him when he eventually retires from football management.

Talk among the fans is that they want the club to go all out to sign the out of work Pep Guardiola, former manager of one of the greatest Barcelona teams of all time. Reports from Spain suggest that Guardiola is interested considering the current structure of the club.

However, Ferguson has openly praised Mourinho and although he doesn’t predict the future for United, he has openly admitted that Mourinho is capable of coaching anywhere in the world including United.

Mourinho has the personality and the experience of success when it comes to coaching but Guardiola has the benefit of a complete football philosophy from the very bottom to the very top.

The realistic situation is that United will be forced to battle for the services of each coach. Chelsea need to appoint a long term manager in the summer and Manchester City could replace Roberto Mancini after a second year of Champions League failure.

It’s much more likely that Mourinho will be given a stint at Manchester City before either of these great coaches takes over at Manchester United. Mourinho has the ability to get the very best from City and this could make them formidable in terms of Europe.

It can also be argued that Mourinho is more of a short term manager. His career to date shows that he will stay at one club for a short period of time, get some success and then move on; Porto, Chelsea, Inter Milan and Real Madrid (if he leaves the Spanish team in the summer).

Guardiola could be the choice for United because the club will be looking for someone to manage over a long period of time. He has also openly admitted his interest in Manchester United because of the way the club is run.

Guardiola could find United more appealing than City or Chelsea because the career record of Ferguson proves he’s much less likely to get the sack if the club go a year without winning anything.

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  1. I think that Pep may be a better choice because, 1) Mourinho usually moves on to another club quickly. 2) Pep usually beats Mourinho whenever they meet. So I think maybe Pep may be the better choice.

  2. The stint reputation on Mourinho is overblown.
    His history up till Chelsea tells the typical story of a young manager earning his reputation. His interviews about Chelsea from 2007 to now have suggested that he loved his time there and was expecting to settle there, which is why even now he admits to hiws EPL preference. Then Abramovich pressured him into leaving, and he moved onto Inter.

    But Inter was a much poorer club than the big English/Spanish sides and that wouldn’t have served his ambitions in the long run.

  3. Mourinho, may well prove a bit too controversial for the United board. Guardiola on the other hand isn’t as confrontational. Mourinho tends to prefer being able to mould his squad in terms of transfers, hence Chelsea, Inter and Madrid all tend to be the biggest spenders in their respective leagues, although Porto shows he can do it on a budget. Guardiola on the other hand likes to work with and promote youth, whilst making marquee signings, which very much echoes Ferguson. Given Uniteds current debt Guardiola would seem to fit United better, whilst Mourinho would suit Man City if they parted with Mancini. Ferguson is an incredibly hard act to follow, and I cannot think of another manager, other than these two, that have the winning pedigree and personality to replace SAF. Reckon it was a score draw between them, when they faced off against each other in Spain. Jose and Pep renewing hostilities in charge of both Manchester clubs would be very exciting to say the least.


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