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Zahia Dahar is a sex doll from space


Remember Zahia Dehar? The girl that was at the center of a four-way under-age prostitution storm involving Franck Ribery and two of his French teammates? The girl who was under 18 when she took money for sex and then claimed to be surprised at her ‘lovers’ facing fines and jail time?

Of course you remember. And what better way to move on from that moment of fame than to play the role of sex bot that gains free will? A nymph from space, so to speak.

At least she’s being more honest than Imogen Thomas (last seen profiting from a modeling gig in Paddy Power’s Champions League final special, where half the bets are about Ryan Giggs being caught offside). Remember, the central reason behind the injunction granted to Ryan Giggs was that the judge found evidence of Imogen trying to extort money from Giggs.

Zahia is streets ahead, she gets paid, feigns innocence, plays her part in destroying the French World Cup bid and casually moves on to being a space age nymph.

Check her out below:

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