Zabeel withdraw Charlton offer, deny intentions of acquiring any other English club

Zabeel withdraw Charlton offer, deny intentions of acquiring any other English club


The Dubai investment group Zabeel have pulled out of a deal to buy Championship club Charlton Athletic. After making an indicative offer for the club earlier this month they have decided to withdraw their interest.

A statement from Charlton said:

“Zabeel Investments has informed Charlton that the decision not to proceed was taken on the basis that its focus moving forward will be on domestic opportunities in Dubai that complement the current Zabeel Investments portfolio.

This combined with the current debate around foreign ownership of football clubs and the worsening economic climate in the UK contributed to the decision of Zabeel Investments to pull out.”

Zabeel have been linked with takeovers of other English clubs, including Newcastle and Everton, but this has also been rubbished with Zabeel Investments making the following statement:

“Zabeel Investments has confirmed it has no current intention to acquire any English football club for the foreseeable future.”

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  1. It has fishy smell all over the pulled deal. Seems like some other club snucked in from behind offered better prospects for the Arabs and romanced them over. It wont be long now before another official statement is issued by the same people who denied any more English deals that they have taken an interest in so n so City!,Fc!,United!, Rovers??? and are fascinated by the clubs history and go thrrough with the deal. I wont be surprised if that club turns out to be Newcastle. Only the club of that size and prospect could have made the Arabs turned their head away from London and towards their direction.

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