Should Robin van Persie get Manchester United captaincy ahead of Wayne Rooney?

Should Robin van Persie get Manchester United captaincy ahead of Wayne Rooney?


Now that Vidic has played his last game for Manchester United, and with Evra looking like he has done so too, the Red Devils are in need of a new permanent captain.

A well respected Dutch journalist has told SkySports that Robin Van Persie is expected to be given the responsibility and handed the captains armband by soon to be manager Van Gaal.

Could be United's captain next season
Could be United’s captain next season

Pascal Kamperman has spoken out about the relationship the pair have and it is because of this relationship, along with a history of working together, that RVP will be chosen as the main man when the Dutch manager arrives in Manchester.

“At the beginning when van Gaal took over as the head coach of the Dutch national team they had to find their position a little bit. But after that it went really well and Van Persie was very positive about him”.

There has been quite a delay in United announcing the manager. It is said to be one of the worst kept secrets in football but Kamperman insists there is nothing to fear about such delays.

“I think he has an agreement but (talks are ongoing) about the staff and new players. It might take a couple of hours or a couple of days but it will be a done deal.”

Van Persie becoming captain could come as a blow to Wayne Rooney who looked certain to be captain under David Moyes for next season. Much has been written about the duo, some suggesting Rooney performed better this season because he was the main man. Whereas his form suffered the previous campaign because of Van Persie being the figurehead of the team.

Their relationship has been questioned, but Rooney has always branded such claims as “nonsense”. However, it is clear that the pair simply don’t have a natural understanding on the pitch. There have been some games this season where football pundits and journalists have mocked tiny pass rates and minimal interplay between the two strikers.

Van Gaal then has a job on his hands in how he successfully fits both players into the side, he also has Mata and Kagawa who thrive in playing behind a striker. With Rooney earning in the region of £300,000 a week it would be criminal to have him on the bench. With no European games to juggle domestic football with, it is going to be hard to fit everyone in and this will be one of the main problems the Dutch manager faces when he tries to get United back to the top again.

The problem with making Van Persie captain is he isn’t going to be available for every game. If he can keep fit then fair enough, but unfortunately that is an ‘if’. This season he missed roughly half of the games because of injury. Having said that though, Moyes’s training techniques supposedly didn’t help, so training under Van Gaal, with a different approach and better man management, could see the striker play more next campaign.

If he isn’t fit though, then a regular vice captain will have to step in and perhaps this will be Rooney.

Who do you think should be Manchester United’s captain next season? Tell us in the comments below.

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  1. Rooney should be the captain considering his experience and loyalty to the club. Giving it to van persie would amount to sentiment and unmerited favor and can simply tear manchester united apart.

    • Where on earth is Rooney’s loyalty to the club. He wasted most of David Moyes time before he (Moyes) could concentrate on the acquisition of new players.

    • I disagree with that course if he is discipline he wouldn’t av played hard ball twice with his contract,after all u can eat ur cake and have it

  2. Robin van Persie should be captain and Rooney should be sold. Van Persie commands a lot more respect than Rooney and isn’t a cry baby spitting his dummy out until he gets his own way. How can somebody as immature as Rooney even be considered for the captaincy?

    • You shouldn’t be calling Rooney immatured,an immatured person can’t score more than 200 goals for his club you bastard!

      • What a load of crap! So in order to prove oneself a mature person, one has to score more than 200 goals for a single club? This is new, this is.

  3. Both the two re capable, Robin is more mature than Rooney but both should not be given this position.

  4. Wayne Rooney should be captain without a doubt. Robin van persie has not been at Manchester United long enough to be made captain.

    • been in the club for so long don’t count much is the leadership equality that matters.

  5. I want rooney should be man u captaincy becouz rooney hv stay long @ man u…..

  6. Robin Van Persie shouldn’t be make manchester united captain because:He is an injury player who doesn’t play in half nf the match expected of him to play.Secondly,if Van Persie becomes man u captain,that will be favouritism which i belief Rooney detest.So,Wayne Rooney should be make the next captain of manchester united.

    • So once again, Man Utd has to bow down to what Rooney likes or dislikes? I admire Rooney as a player for Utd, but a person who has strongarmed the club to get a better paying deal should never be made captain. In addition, Rooney can’t rally players around him. This is not to say van Persie should be made captain, but he still is a more viable choice than Wayne Rooney.

  7. Rooney deserve this captaincy more than anyone at the club right now,if RvP was given the captaincy then it will be tribalism to Rooney.

  8. making RVP captain will further breakdown United.Evryone in d team expect Rooney to be our new worthy d absence of Evra then no other wise choice but Rooney.He deserv it

  9. without being told,you should know that Rooney should be the captain because 1.he has been at this club for a very long time 2.he likes taking responsibilities of the team upon himself.

  10. Wayne Rooney should be made captain because he has been with United for quite a long time as compared to RVP…besides, it was stated in the recent contract given to Rooney under Moyes that he will be captain, it will be gross unfairness to Rooney should RVP be given the captaincy…

  11. Rooney should be the captain because he already has the ledgen status having stayed in the club for about ten years now wining alot of trophies and understand the club more than van persie

  12. Rooney is the best choice, because he has the winming mentality, is an hardworking player and couple with his years of experience in manchester united.

  13. Fux this author and all the journalist who make up this shitty story, 1st they say rooney don’t like van gaal, now they want to pit rooney against rvp.. I know they are lfc and city fan that hide behind their job as a journo. You all just wait.. United will be back. And there is nothing you can do about it.

  14. not dat rvp is a bad guy bt 2b sincere rooney is da man 4captaincy next season just 2avoid conflict

  15. Wayne Rooney should be made captain becoz he has been with united for quite a long time as compared to RVP,So wayne rooney is man utd captain

  16. Rooney’s main interest has always been himself and to squeese more money from United. Give credit to RVP who accepted to take a lower pay than what City were offering to come to United . That is what I call loyalty not a threat that if you do not give me what I want I will cross the road.

  17. Rooney Rooney Rooney Rooney & Rooney is the only captain of United next season.Becoz he has the winning mentality, courage & commitment for United.

  18. Is it because rvp nd van gaal are both from holland that he wanted to be made the new captain,where shud rooney’s fate lies despite his contribution to the team.In one word rooney be united next captain

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