Will Gareth Bale and Luka Modric leave Tottenham?

Will Gareth Bale and Luka Modric leave Tottenham?


It is widely accepted that most rumoured transfer rumours are made up. They’re made up by newspaper journalists under pressure from tetchy impatient editors who want new, fresh stories that will sell newspapers and garner a load of hits on the internet. So of course journalists lacking imagination get the same players, link them to a few select clubs and vary the transfer fee slightly. So in the case of Tottenham’s stars Gareth Bale and Luka Modric, they link them to Man City, PSG, Real Madrid (all rich clubs and are giants or becoming giants of the modern game) and invent a price somewhere between £30m and £50m.

But in this case, is there a grain of truth in these stories? Are Bale and Modric set to leave Tottenham in the lurch? Do they want to leave? Will Spurs sell them? These are questions that are yet to be answered and which I’ll do my best to decipher with the crystal ball I bought from Mystic Meg.

For this article though I will go through two scenarios; Whether Chelsea win the Champions League final and knock Tottenham out of the 3rd qualifying round of the Champions League, and whether Chelsea lose the final and will thereby grant Tottenham a place in the Champions League. This is necessary because the lure of Champions League football may well be what decides their futures, whether that lure comes from Tottenham or a richer, better (and qualified for the Champions League) side which may wisk them away with petro dollars burning a hole in their back pockets.

Luka Modric – If Chelsea win;

In this scenario Modric would be off, possibly even to Chelsea. Last summer Chelsea showed interest and were rumoured to have offered Spurs £40m for his services. Modric and his agent made noises about wanting to leave. He didn’t play in Spurs’s first game of the season against Manchester United because ‘his head wasn’t right’ (according to the always honest Henry James Redknapp) and until the summer transfer window closed appeared moody and sullen on the pitch.

His poor shooting and tendency to pass the ball beautifully when the Match of the Day cameras aren’t looking lead to some people saying he’s average. Having watched him for four seasons I can say he’s pure class and aside from Ledley King the best player I’ve seen for Spurs. He’s completed the second most passes of anyone in the Premeirship this season which shows how much influence he wields on the pitch for Spurs. He’s definitely worth the £40m.

Given his quality, his ludicrously low wages relative to other footballers of his stature (reported at around £40,000 a week) and his age (26) which means he only has a few years left at his peak, there’s no way he stays at Spurs whatever Daniel Levy or ‘Arry will say. The question then is where he goes off to. Tottenham will be very keen to sell him to a side outside England. Chelsea and the two Manchester clubs have been linked the most heavily with Modric though. Tottenham will almost certainly publicly say they won’t sell. But offered enough money and with enough pushing and prodding from Modric and his agent, he’ll be off.

If Chelsea lose;

I would say it’s very likely he’ll leave even though Tottenham would be in the Champions League in this scenario. Though when I say Champions League I mean the qualifying round play-off (potentially against the likes of Malaga and Borussia Monchengladbach) where Spurs almost came unstuck against Young Boys two seasons ago. Participation in the Champions League group stage is by no means guaranteed and makes it more likely Modric will leave.

I say he leaves even if Chelsea lose the final because a 4th place wasn’t enough to keep him. If Tottenham had finished 3rd, had a guaranteed place in the Champions League group stage and were close enough to the Manchester clubs to suggest a title push may be on the cards, then he may have been persuaded to stay. However Tottenham’s mid-season collapse saw them go from 10 points clear of 4th in February to only taking 4th place on the final day with a lower points tally than what they got two seasons ago with such luminaries as Wilson Palacios and Peter Crouch in the starting XI.

A title push doesn’t look a possibility in the foreseeable future, Champions League group stage participation isn’t guaranteed,  transfer funds will be available though not plentiful (Tottenham’s new stadium will swallow up potential transfer funds for the next few seasons) and with Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool set to spend more money while Spurs are more busy hanging on to their most valued assets, Spurs are simply not good enough for Modric and he’s making a quarter of the money he could be earning playing for somebody else. He expressed his desire to leave last season and I can’t see what would have radically changed in 12 months to persuade him to stay. There’s a chance Levy could be serious about not selling him and simply refute all transfer bids, but I’m almost certain Modric is leaving whatever the Champions League final outcome.

Gareth Bale – If Chelsea win;

If Chelsea win the final and spend Sunday afternoon on their already planned victory parade and Tottenham are demoted to the Europa League, I’m quite sure Gareth Bale will join Luka Modric in leaving Tottenham for pastures new.

Now unlike with Modric, Bale has expressed no desire to leave apart from saying a couple of weeks ago that he’d consider his options were Tottenham not to qualify for the Champions League. Journalists looking for a scoop may dress this up as him banging on Harry Redknapp’s office door screaming “Let me leave you face-twitching wheeler dealer!!!” but to me that wasn’t him agitating for a move like Modric did last summer. That was him being honest, maybe too honest.

Bale is coming off his most prolific season, having four more assists this season than in his previous four seasons combined and more goals this season than ever before. He’s also still only 22. He’s been linked with Barcelona recently which offers the mouth-watering prospect of Barca having Dani Alves and Bale as the least defensive and most attacking full back pairing in the history of football. With offers like this possibly in the offing, it would be almost embarrassing to ask him to play in the Europa League. If Spurs are in the Europa League, Bale won’t be either.

If Chelsea lose;

I think he stays. Like I said earlier he seems fairly happy at Spurs, and at 22 he’s got years on his side and may not have even reached his peak yet unlike Modric who even at 26 may be wary about not joining a bigger club until it‘s too late. Another season at Spurs for Bale developing his craft and preparing for a big money move to the cauldron of Barca or Madrid may well be what he chooses.

Of course Bale may decide he wants to leave after all if a big money offer comes in. This is the unknown factor here as although there have been rumours of big bids for Bale’s services before none of them have ever amounted to anything. This summer though sides are eager to spend before the FFP rules properly kick in and the likes of Man City, PSG and Malaga have money to burn. Also the established giants of the European game will not be sitting back letting precocious young talents go to rival teams.

Spurs will play hardball. Levy’s a ruthless negotiator and anyone who can sell Peter Crouch and Wilson Palacios for a combined £20m is to be feared at a negotiating table. With Michael Carrick and Dimitar Berbatov, Spurs talked tough then sold for an inflated transfer fee. With Modric last summer they talked tough and acted tough. Whether they do the same with Bale, and whether Bale wants to leave are not known. However, with Champions League football in this scenario on the table, Spurs surely not keen for too many of their best players to leave and Bale not conspicuously unhappy at Spurs, I would say he stays at Spurs.

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  1. Erm, they have long contracts, Levy says they are not for sale. Im guessing ‘NO’ could be the answer, but nice lazy blogg dude.

  2. Ok, a couple of points about modric. 1st off, I don’t know where you’re getting this ‘4th isn’t good enough’ from, he has never said that. If we had finished 5th again, then it would be understandable, but 4th is good enough in the scenario you predict to get into the c/l. The slip up against Young Boys I personally put down to being overwhelmed by the occasion, and anyway we ended up beating them 6-3 on agg or something so that point is academic. Of the teams in the non-champions path, the only one I would fear is Malaga, as Gladbach are losing all their best players (Reus etc). We would probably be seeded in the non-champions path as well, meaning it’s likely we’ll avoid malaga because of the previous cl qual plus previous uefa cup success. Next, the mid-season collapse wasn’t strictly because the team wasn’t good enough now was it? Redknapp to England, no buys in January (because Levy thought Redknapp was off) could all be attributable. The team we saw in the first half of the season didn’t just suddenly become terrible players. With a bit more depth and some more quality players (see likely signings of Remy and Vertonghen) I see no reason why we can’t at least challenge at the top next year. You mention the transfer budget. In the past 3 seasons we have spent hardly anything, while recieving a significant amount of money in transfer fees. Levy has already said that the stadium fund will not affect transfers (or words to that effect) and I think that previous reasons for not spending cash was because we all thought Redknapp was leaving, so we didn’t want to buy ‘his’ players that the new man wouldn’t want. I’m confident signings will be made in the summer with the cash stockpiled. Finally regarding his wages, they are closer to 80k p/w and he has been offered 100k, so they are not as ridiculously low as you imagine. Of course I could be wrong, but that is just my opinion on some of the reasons you cite that he is off even if we are in the playoffs.

  3. I’m a Spurs fan writing honestly.

    Also as wonderful as this website is I somehow doubt Daniel Levy is reading this and bricking it at the prospect of an article on Soccerlens suggesting two of his players may leave.

  4. You know, it’s like you [the writer] are DYING FOR THEM TO LEAVE! You want them to leave because it’s the only future idea you have for an article and you can say ‘I told you they’d leave didn’t I’…

    I’m sure you wrote about Modric last season and what happened, he stayed. Stop planting seeds please.

    They’re not for sale and Levy’s made that perfectly clear numerous times. Bale’s happy here and his quotes time and time again have been severely taken out of context for the purpose of annoying us Spurs fans. Well I congratulate you all on your hollow objective being completed!

    Sorry my friend, you’ll need to write about something else.

  5. ‘It is widely accepted that most rumoured transfer rumours are made up’… just like this article

    How can you even consider Modric to Chelsea when it is clear Marin will have this role (maybe with a couple of years before cementing place)

  6. “So of course journalists lacking imagination get the same players, link them to a few select clubs and vary the transfer fee slightly” “In this scenario Modric would be off, possibly even to Chelsea” Pot Kettle Black!

  7. A lot of (unfair) criticism for Jack.

    Point is – Modric wants to leave and has wanted to leave for a while. Tottenham will get their desired fee for him but he will go, whether it is this season or the next.

    Bale – young enough to not have reached his peak and yet hyped enough to be considered as a potential world-beater. It’s a stage where, were it not for the financial crisis, silly money would be thrown at him to pry him away from Spurs.

    I don’t think he will leave because no one will match his valuation, regardless of how much he wants to go.

  8. Modric to Chelski – Martin Lipton(Daily Mirror, Spurs fan) says Levy won’t do business with them. If they are not in CL forget it.

    Modric to Man Utd – after last summers splurge, paying off £70m of debt, and failing to get to CL knockout rounds, they have no money

    Modric to Man City – career suicide. Team is based around Ya Ya, then the playmakers (Silva, Nasri ,Modric would rotate,but only if defensive midfielders weren’t deployed)

    Modric to Juve possible if Levy had a gun put to his head

    Bale to Barca – Guillem Balague says they have no money this year. Main targets Thiago Silva, Alba at LB, and a striker

    Bale anywhere else forget it, more likely to see him on days off at his mums house in Cardiff

  9. I doubt he’ll leave, like a Champions League football next season is likely. Spurs are on the up still. Add a few more players they can go far in the Champions League. Could be talking about semis or finals etc..

    Other news I just been told by a friend that Sven goran eriksson been seen at Birmingham tonight. I say he probably got an appointment for talks at Villa Park, then again it could be West Brom. I think he probably make a decent manager at Villa more than at West Brom. He dose better with bigger clubs. His records still holds that. His last job at Manchester City, did very good only to be axed unfairly. City fans can tell you that, he was taking them to places.

  10. i think bale is one of the best player in his post and i think if he stay to tottenham,he can help this amazful team.

  11. What an terrible article. The only mentionalble point you make is that most sports journalists make up transfer news. You then of course, go on to make up your own scenarios in exactly the same way they do. /facepalm

  12. It’s ametter of entrusting other players like scot paker,jack livermoore,steve p,lenon and securing the Togo international stay at surps..LET THEM GO IF THEY WANT.the two don’t makeup Tottenham but the many left is the surps..

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