Wigan, Sheffield United, Fulham and Charlton are not good enough to stay...

Wigan, Sheffield United, Fulham and Charlton are not good enough to stay up on their own


Self-righteous morality is usually sickening, but when it’s backed by financial self-interest, it has to be spat on, stamped on and burnt on the stake.

I have no doubt that Wigan, Sheffield United, Charlton and Fulham have the right to question the Premier League’s decision to not deduct points from West Ham.

However, considering their demands (reinstating points + points deduction) and their motivations (Charlton and Wigan will be relegated if they lose their final set of matches and Sheffield United could be relegated if they lose AND West Ham get at least a point), you have to stop and reconsider:

Should we let vindictive, selfish clubs incapable of securing top-flight status on their own manipulate the press and harass a rival club (whose players and fans are innocent of any wrong-doing)?

In a nutshell, the gang of four (who, by trying to include Boro and Watford in their ranks form 1/3rd of the Premiership – the bottom 1/3rd, that is) want to punish West Ham fans with relegation because the club’s previous owners made a mistake out of desperation and the amazing offer in front of them.

Not only that, they are threatening to sue West Ham and drag them through mud and court, further damaging the club and hurting the fans. Acceptable casualties, of course.

Because Wigan couldn’t win it on their own, and now need a win at Sheffield United to help them stay afloat.

Because Fulham made blunders after blunders and have to thank Benitez for resting his Liverpool players for their win that virtually assures them of staying in the Premiership (unless Charlton win their next two games by large goal margins and West Ham and Sheffield United win as well AND Fulham lose).

Because Sheffield United, for all their pluck, couldn’t pull away when they really needed to and have to beat Wigan, relegation rivals, on the last day. Of course, doing that will probably help West Ham stay up.

Because Charlton had no clue what to do all season and have a virtually impossible task to survive, starting from tonight’s match against Tottenham.

It’s a shame that these clubs are going after West Ham and asking for their points to be reinstated.

Get your act together, and try to win your own games. Don’t blame Tevez and West Ham if you lose 3-0 at home, or can’t beat relegated Watford at home.

And for the record, yes, West Ham’s deal with MSI deserves a stronger rebuke than just a monetary fine.

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  1. If you are going to have a pop, at least get your facts right!
    The Blades have beaten Watford, home and away this season.

    We will stay up by beating Wigan next sunday, but West Ham deserve all they get. They knew the rules and deliberately ignored them. The Premier league then bottled it. On all previous occassions of playing ineligible players,etc, the teams involved have been docked points. West ham should be no different.

  2. Interesting take on “Hammergate”. Suggesting that the teams around who are looking at legal action against WHU should get their acts together on the pitch instead on relying on points deduction to keep them up. True enough..

    However its missing the point entirely. If WHU had done things correctly to start when buying Tevez and the other lad then there would be no issue and we would be discussing the ability or temperament of the chubby argie. BUT the fact is that rules were broken, of that we are sure as this was confirmed independantly and the 1/3 of the prem that are protesting are those directly affected.

    If this were Chelsea then you can be damn sure that Man U, Arsenal, Liverpool would be protesting, but its not and they aren’t directly affected. Unless of course they lost points at the hands of “el chubinez” which then affected their points total…

    I am surprised that more clubs haven’t thrown weight over this outrage.

  3. Thing is, though, if not for Tevez and Mascherano, West Ham probably wouldn’t have been in the mess that they’re in now anyway.

  4. Sorry guys. Cheating is cheating & the reasons given for not docking points viz-a-viz ‘friendly new Mgmnt Team’ ‘Nice club’ ‘Good supporters’ just don’t cut it.
    Can be said of all the other Teams there or thereabouts. MUST be a level playing field for serious breaches such as this & past precents set.
    Sorry WHU totally disagree with above summary – justice should be done.

  5. agree 100%

    also agree with chris above

    if we didnt sign tevez and macherano we wouldnt even be anywhere near the bottom in the first place!

  6. The fact is the previous owners are the ones to blame for west ham being in this mess. Eggert Magersson then took over the club being reassured that the club had taken the correct steps in signing the argentinian pair.

    In all fairness the fact that it was the previous management that completed this deal, for the club under its new ownership now to be punished for this would be extremely harsh and the premiership knew this. They pleaded guilty in which the decision reflected, therefore avoiding a points deduction.

    Now The premiership, they made fatal errors such as that they didnt attend to this problem earliar, leaving it late in the season, where a points deducted would be much more harsh (consider the points deduction earliar in the season, west ham would have kicked into gear much earliar than now).

    As for Wigan, Chalton and Sheffield United ( a lesser extent Fulham because they are safe) you can understand their anger at this decision, but they really assigned their fate by not focusing on the pitch like they should have (I use Sheffield United in this because they should be safe now).

    As for the Article Ahmed, West Ham lost also at Home to Watford, and drew away, so they also failed to beat them, but the reason why i think Wigan and Charlton is going down is the negitive tactics used against the big teams, for instance Wigan going to Anfield to lose, but not by a big margin ( Liverpool 2-0 Wigan). West Ham beat Aresnal Home and Away and Man Utd at Home, and thats why they have the pedigree to stay in the best league in the world.

  7. I don’t buy this change of ownership argument.

    a) The new management team are the beneficiaries of the wrong-doing.

    b) The other clubs are the victims.

    This needs to be redressed.

    The other argument – that Sheff Utd and/or Wigan are rubbish and deserve to go down because they couldn’t win easy games – could be applied to the 17th placed team every season. We don’t have a system that says “All rubbish teams get relegated”, just the three worst.

    I suggest that taking Tevez out of the West Ham side would make them one of the three worst.

  8. Phil I disagree with the last line of your comment there. The West Ham team of this year is very much the same time that did very well last season. Yes they have had afew injuries such as Ashton but The signings of Tevez and Mascherano did have a negitive effect on the team, and you can see this by there performances.

    Secondly, you say that without Tevez that would make them 1 of the 3 worst. Obviously you need to compare Squads like West Ham with Wigan/Sheffield United/Charlton and you will see they are a much better squad, with world class players. Zamora has been banging goals in all season, and Benayoun is getting back to his best. Also Youngsters like Noble have given West Ham a lift and you can see that by his overall play, and not just by the key goals he has scored this season.

  9. Fact is West Ham cheated, every club in the league should be looking for justice not just those at the bottom. Cheats should be punished and should never prosper. Why fine them £5.5m when their reward for staying up is over £30m? Its like taking a tenner off someone and telling them you will give them ten grand in a few weeks.

    A points deduction means the same for everyone, its a level playing field unlike financial penalties that cripple smaller clubs and don’t touch larger ones. As usual, if you are a big club you can do whatever you want yet if you are a small club no one gives a toss about you. The Premier League should be absolutely flayed for what they have done with West Ham. Personally I would have relegated them to the conference. They lied to the Premier League knowingly how much worse can it get?

  10. Acknowledgement: I’m a Westham fan.

    Because of this I’m not going to comment on the fairness of the penalty, as I know I can’t be unbiased.
    What I find intruiging is that the respective management of Wigan and Sheffield Utd must have a voice knocking at the backs of their heads suggesting that Sheff throw the game (no personal attack on them – I don’t even know who they are – just musing). If Westham lose to Man U, and Wigan wins, Sheff stays where it is and Wigan moves above Westham on goal diff.

    Sheff Utd 38 points (-22)GD
    West Ham 38 points (-25)GD
    Wigan 35 points (-23)GD
    Just for fun, not to accuse.

  11. hakieran, The new ownership are fully responsible. When making such a purchase due dilligence excercises exam the whole business and this includes previous payments. As a reult this exercise either did not identify the issue or they did not know the rules or they knew the rules, noted the problem and chose to ignore it. Which ever the real story they were wrong.

    Another point West SHAM Utd only admitted guilt when they knew that they were caught. They did not admit to this willingly

  12. West Ham did do something wrong and were punished in accordance with the rules. Let’s hope that they don’t get punished twice. Seven wins out of nine deserves to see them stay up.

  13. “Wigan, Sheffield United, Fulham and Charlton are not good enough to stay up on their own”.
    Sorry, what division are Fulham and Wigan in then?

    “And for the record, yes, West Ham’s deal with MSI deserves a stronger rebuke than just a monetary fine.”
    And so what was the point of your message then????

    Considering all 4 clubs are still persuing the unanswered questions even though 2 of them are safe, don’t you feel just a little silly now?

    If West Ham and the Premier League acted fairly then that’s fine but why won’t they disclose their evidence? That’s all the ‘gang of 4’ are asking.

  14. I’m a west ham fan.
    I’m biased towards my team- not point me saying I’m not. But in the end, if you were in my position, you would defend your team as well.

    In the end, we broke the rules. Maybe we weren’t punished accordingly, but we were still punished. You can still say that we got our money back- but thats not exactly the point is it?

    We were doing fine until the speculation began. The whole speculation completely disturbed our team, and if this never happened, I’m sure we would have been solid again this season.
    Whatever happens….happens. If we were relegated, there would be no point saying “if the speculation never began…” because it doesn’t make a difference. Agreed?

    We got lucky and we didnt deserve to get away with a fine- despite whether it is the largest fine in the history of the game, and in the end, if teams such as Sheffield United had concentrated on their game, and not relied on us getting points deducted for them to stay up- then they would have been fine.

    So stop moaning- because it changes nothing.

  15. Fulham and Wigan scrapped through to stay up, Wigan on the last day.

    The point of my message was that these clubs should focus on their own league efforts and stay up through points gained in their own matches instead of trying to stay up by getting West Ham penalised.

    I’d like to see how long this whole thing plays out and how far the ‘gang of 4’ push it once the Premier League plays hardball. No, don’t feel silly at all.

    Yes, I’d like to see the full evidence myself.

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