5 reasons why Spurs can’t afford to lose Gareth Bale

5 reasons why Spurs can’t afford to lose Gareth Bale

gareth bale

Gareth Bale has been a revelation for the world of football since he broke into the first team at Tottenham. A product of the Southampton youth academy, Bale has been touted to be as good as Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

gareth bale

Here are the five reasons why Tottenham can’t afford to lose Gareth Bale:

#1: Gareth Bale as a goal-threat

Spurs rely on having a goal threat in midfield. Having lost Rafael van der Vaart in the summer, the replacement purchased in the form of Moussa Dembele has thus far offered a totally different kind of threat, running from deep and providing drive from the centre of the field.

Clint Dempsey in turn has also failed to replicate his goal scoring heroics from his time at Fulham, and without Bale, Tottenham suddenly become a very one dimensional attacking side that relies too heavily on an out of form Defoe and the goal shy Adebayor.

#2: Gareth Bale provides width

Width to break down stubborn defenses requires two adequate wingers. If one of Gareth Bale or Aaron Lennon were to pick up an injury, the side suddenly becomes rather lopsided, particularly since Bale has taken to cutting inside to play off the striker rather a lot this season.

No other player in the squad is capable of offering the same pace and direct threat as these two, despite the arrival of Lewis Holtby proving that rotation within the frontline is possible.

#3: Gareth Bale’s media presence

Bale is the superstar that gives his side a rather superficial boost when it comes to discussion in the media. Thanks partly to Harry Redknapp and the beasting Bale gave Maicon at the San Siro a couple of years back, Bale is regarded by the English media as a player verging on breaking the Messi/Ronaldo duopoly as the best player ever.

It shouldn’t matter to the players or the club, but while Bale is still around, Tottenham will be considered genuine contenders for a place in the top four thanks to his media presence.

#4: Spurs considered a selling club

Spurs are already considered a bit of a selling club. Daniel Levy is known for his prowess on the negotiation table, turning serious profit on the likes of Modric and Berbatov whilst purchasing the likes of Hugo Lloris, renowned keeper and national team captain, for a rather paltry £11.5 million.

Despite the efforts of the chairman, other clubs know that the right amount of money will always get Levy talking – sustainable growth in a league as competitive in the Premier League is not possible if you sell your best players regularly. Just look at Arsenal.

#5: Still much room for improvement for Gareth Bale

The boy really does have everything in his locker to improve beyond expectations. This is not to say he could ever reach the superhuman standards set by the dangerous duo of La Liga, but Bale can almost certainly reach the bracket below.

This season he has proven his credentials as a goal threat, as well as being able to play in multiple positions across the front-line. His set pieces are improving, the addition of Holtby has allowed the Welshman to flourish slightly further up the field, and most importantly he has the physical attributes that make attacking players so difficult to mark.

Quite frankly, an in form Bale looks like an adult amongst kids when running at his fullback- reminiscent of one Cristiano Ronaldo, no?

Jono Clarke

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  1. Levy was forced to sell Berbatov and Modric due to their disrespecful behaviour. Last Summer Levy refused to discuss Modric with Chelsea.

    Selling, for Levy, particularly when basically forced to, is a means to an end for Levy, not an end in itself.

    Otherwise, I agree with you.

  2. I’d agree with everything there. Bale isn’t going to reach the heights of Messi or Ronaldo, but I am of the opinion that he will be remembered as one of the best players never to win anything of note if he doesn’t leave Tottenham. Lets face it, without a league title or CL to your name, its harder to be considered a true great. A move to United to replace the surey outgoing Nani would be nice!

    • Dan, would you say that Paul Gascoigne, Glen Hoddle, Gimmy Greaves for instance werent great players? Remind me, did any of them ever win a league title or CL medal during their playing days. You can forget about Bale ever going to United, Levy will not sanction such a move to them or any other Premier league club for that matter. Just like he told the Russian at Chelsea precisely where he could stick it when he enquired about Modric. If Levy decides to dig his heels in, he wont be budged. Before you start saying that he eventually sold Modric, remember that he was 27 years of age and to have kept him an extra year would have devalued his selling capaciity. Bale is still only 23 years of age and he has plenty of time on his side at a very sale value.

    • Seriously? He is young. You are telling me in the next 5-10 years Spurs can’t win something? Arsenal hasn’t won anything in forever. And just Liverpool won the League Cup after years of a drought. So It’s completely disrespectful to a club like Spurs to suggest they can’t win. Also suggesting that just because they can’t every player would leave. Eventually they might like it happened to Arsenal. But that doesn’t mean he has to leave now.

    • A quick look at transfer fees paid by Fergie shows he’s willing to pay up to £30M but no more. Am I right Dan? Rules you out I’m afraid.

  3. Bale isnt an Eastern Europoean money grabber like Berbatov asnd Modric are, masquerading under the pretence that they wanted to move on to win trophies/improve their careers. Where has it gotten them, bit part rolls. Berbatov now at Fulham after a less than impressive stint at United and it wont be long until Modric is shown the door at Real Madrid, voted the worst import to La Liga. He will end up at a lesser club in Spain or in Germany maybe even Italy. I wouldnt at all be surprised if Bale stays at Spurs for at least another season, he’s 23 and has time on his side besides, Levy values him a hell of a lot more than he valued Modric and on this occassion he’ll stand his ground and support the man he employed to build his team. By selling the crown jewells the moment the team has a chance of real progression only defeats the object and Levy knows it. Incidently, he’ll never sell Bale to another EPL club, that much you can bet your house on.
    The low class press and assorted bloggs can speculate till the cows come home but as long as Bale remain a Spurs player, the cock will continue to crow. The speculation will continue from unamed sources in the rags as per usual but perhaps with less conviction. For a change, you can start selling off the little garden gnome Jack Wiltshire to the highest bidder. That well known selling club will be willing to negotiate as they usually drops their pants when the wealthier, more successful clubs come knocking and cash in, ask Nasri, Glichey, Toure, Fabrigas, Adebayor and recently RVP.

  4. No, based on Bale’s press conferences over the last two years its clear that he eventually wants to move up to a larger club. I think this push is correct so he doesn’t stagnate like a Gerrard or become one of those non-title winners like Ballack.

    But his preening towards Madrid has been a bit questionable…There is certainly a similarity between him and Ronaldo, but Real don’t need more support in attack on the left flank, and the squad is well covered defensively on that side too.
    My hope is that should Mou leave Real and replace Mancini at City, that he makes Bale a priority signing.

    • Sage, firstly you only see and hear what you want to. 18 months ago Bale said that he isnt afraid to play overseas one day and thats all. Form that innocent response to a leading question by a sports journalist, it has all been blown out of all proportion, a bit like Chinese whispers. Manchester City supporters can at last crow after all these years of obscurity and bitterness, Like Chelsea before them.
      If you believe that Daniel Levy will sell his clubs prised asset to EPL competition you can thing again. He sent the Russian away with a flea in his ear when he enquired about Modric and will do the same to City and United shoukld they enquire about a player he rates a lot more highly than Modric.

      • I agree with you on one thing- Levy can be quite unprofessional when dealing with stars who want to leave.

        But it is you who is ignoring the meaning of Bale’s words. That one interview aside, over the last 2 months Bale has mentioned over multiple interviews how Ronaldo is his role model, how he sees him as more complete than Messi, and even how he might like to play with him. Bale has been fishing.

        Bale and Modric’s situation are indeed different–Bale could probably leave much more easily. AVB’s conferences show that the manager expects Bale to eventually move up, and because Bale has a better relationship with Levy, if Bale actively wants to leave in a year or two, do you think Levy would be less amenable?

        • I think you’ll find, Sage, Levy has been very professional. He won’t let spoilt brats walk out on contracts and he won’t take a penny less than his own valuations whatever the media and ‘big’ clubs have decided is the price. Bale will not be allowed to leave next season and when he does the price is likely to be a world record. Levy wouldn’t settle for less.

  5. If Bale stays, and we add a top striker in the summer plus a top playmaker replacement for Modric (who is still a massive miss for us, despite his bench warming for RM), then we’ll have a shot at the title next season, or if not, the FA Cup/League Cup. This is otherwise a damn good squad, and we mustn’t waste it ..especially by selling our best asset (even for £50m). He has 3 years on his contract and we must keep him happy at Tottenham. Of course, much (‘much’ being an understatement) depends on Spurs finishing in the top four (like last season, but without the horrible scenario of Arsenal finishing 5th and winning the CL). Meanwhile, until Defoe’s back I’d play without a striker. Ade is a terrible let-down on last year, and, although I’m not Dempsey’s biggest fan, with his work rate he could be at the forefront of a ‘swarming’ midfield push which would free up Bale and Lennon to continue being more direct at goal. I have a feeling that Lennon will benefit too from playing inside like our maestro!

  6. Good read this, I enjoy topical top 5’s and such. I’d agree with everything bar the media presence bit, which AVB has in abundance- though for all the wrong reasons! But seriously, I’m pretty sure if anything north of 40m came in for Bale regardless of who it was from, Levy would consider it. Lest we forget the likes of Berbatov and Carrick were sold despite being older than Bale is now as soon as United came in with enough cash.

    Good article though, well done author man!

  7. Bale’s obviously a huge player for Spurs and I think he’s been brilliant. I’m yet to fully buy in for some reason. Someone touched on it earlier saying he needs to leave and win. The problem I have with him is he rarely scores in big games. To be fair, he scored against Lyon, but is that classed as a big game really? I know he also scored against Man City last year but went on to lose that game. Time will tell, and he is one of the top Prem players.

    • He scored versus Man Utd, Arsenal, Liverpool, Newcastle and Lyon. This season alone. Not to mention those 3 goals versus Inter. Are all of those not big matches?

      • It’s a good point. I do think he’s brilliant and yes certainly Arsenal and Man U game are big games, the others I’m not so sure. Yeh, ok, maybe I jumped in a bit with that comment and I forgot abour Inter (x2).

        Funnily enough, it was the Man City game last year when he scored I began to think this. He was absolutely garbage right up until he screamed one in from 30 yards.

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