Why are Mourinho and Ronaldo criticised at Real Madrid?

Why are Mourinho and Ronaldo criticised at Real Madrid?


Jose Mourinho and Cristiano Ronaldo are two of the most high profile individuals linked with Real Madrid. One is the boss and the other is the star player; so why don’t they enjoy absolutely perfect relationships with the club?

There has always been friction between the club and Mourinho because of speculation surrounding Mourinho’s future. He has never stayed in one place for an extended period of time and he will not speak about speculation over his future at the club.

Instead Mourinho shifts the attention onto the club President Florentino Perez suggesting that Perez holds the fundamental control at the club and can influence situations as he sees fit.

There have been numerous reports from Spain this season which have suggested that Perez is not happy with the way Mourinho is running the team and club e.g. criticising the team for past performances before big matches.

It all leads to extra negative attention on the manager because he is seen to be at loggerheads with the man who nurtures and controls the socio-political links that Real Madrid benefit from.

Mourinho has also received unnecessary scrutiny and criticism when he has been challenged by pure Real Madrid players who know they are going to be backed by the higher powers at the club because of their roots.

A good example of this is when Mourinho took off Mesut Ozil at half-time during a game earlier in the season because he swapped shirts with a player after 45 minutes. Sergio Ramos wore Ozil’s shirt beneath his own in a blatant act of defiance against Mourinho, knowing that he could get away with it.

As far as Cristiano Ronaldo is concerned, he has endured an enormous amount of criticism this season from press sources that are traditionally linked with a positive angle in relation to the club.

He has at times looked unhappy out on the pitch and has failed to celebrate in typical over the top style when he has scored this season. This has prompted these sources to jump straight onto his back and suggest that he is not fully committed to the Real Madrid cause.

It leads to the question of what may be the possible underlying reasons for these feelings towards the club’s manager and their star player. The most basic reason has to be the guilt by association.

Both individuals are constantly linked with moves away from the Galacticos because they are both good enough at what they do to go and play or coach anywhere in the world.

Whenever Mourinho or CR refuse to dismiss fresh speculation about a new move to a new club, they are criticised by the very sources that are meant to support them through think and thin.

There also seems to be criticism of any parties seen to be defending in each other in the instance of scrutiny from the press supporting Real Madrid. A perfect example is when Mourinho defended Ronaldo earlier in the season for when he refused to celebrate a goal.
Mourinho said:

“I think it is more relevant that he celebrates the goals that win games and not the fifth goal in the 90th minute. I saw him celebrate the other four that were the important ones.

If there are going to be criticisms of a player for not celebrating goals, then why not criticise me because I didn’t celebrate any of the five goals. I didn’t even get up.”

It is more likely that Mourinho will move on in the summer and no one would blame him for doing so because he took the team to the La Liga title last season and the semi-finals of the Champions League yet he is treated like a new coach to the club who doesn’t know what he’s doing.

Ronaldo should stay after the way he begged Manchester United to originally let him join the club when he was sold in an £80 million deal which is still the world record for a transfer fee.

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  1. Mourinho is one of the best managers we at madrid should learn something from him including the players lets us remember how we faired before his arrival and what we have won with him why can’t we celebrate as a team and lose as a team because that is what a team does.other teams have huge problems managers unable to give results players laking displine the world over people admire the english league the beauty of it being there is no team unbeatable big teams fall to small ones we love it and enjoy it lets celebrate and lose

  2. Short answer: nativism

    Longer answer:
    Despite Madrid’s legends all being foreign, the Spaniards always get more support from the press and by the administration than the foreign players. Raul got more support than Brazilian Ronaldo, and with this generation the media’s scapegoats are Khedira, Coentrao, Ozil, and CR7.

    It’s a shame because both Mou & CR have been undermined seriously by the Spanish contingent. Casillas leaked a training ground spat and refused to take the optimistic & combative mentality which made Inter such a resilient team.

    CR was mocked by Casillas & Ramos for trying to get support for his balon d’or campaign. This latter spat is especially pathetic, because CR7’s ego is well known and has been the most important player for Madrid from 2010-12. And the consequences are showing up in his game–he went 4 games without a goal for the 1st time since 2009.

  3. Mourinho knows where de problems are, but can not do nothing without arise more problems.ex:Casilhas is not a goalkepper to real madrid,is slow and try to cover with guessing.Last year I saw Madrid losing games,because Casilhas prefer to wait than antecipate.Until agains MC in a last minute Tevez could score, because he was waiting for Tevez toutch insted take a decision.MOU knows that Ramos is the player that makes more falts close the box.Arbeola not good enough .But the news papaers allways critize the others palyers and not de spanish ones.RM dont deserve MOU as a couch.Everyone can se that la liga dont like couch who dont have spanish as nother language.If we read the newpapers just the four players make strange comments about MOU/CR Casilhas/Alonso/Arbeola and Ramos, and MOU can not do nothing otherwise news paper gonna undermine MOU/PERES.mOURINHO MUST LEAVE RM, and go back to england where the clubes are much more prfessional.

  4. Accepted d spanish press would always support their kids most especially in this era of spain’s dominance of world futbal. But;
    1. England mediocre players are supported by the british media as well
    2. Mourinho’s poor relationship with the media won’t be accepted in a club like real madrid. Chelsea & Inter can accept his attitudes due to desperation for tittles, but not real madrid, check the club’s history

  5. ^You check Madrid’s history. They’ve had like 2-3 stable managers in the last 80 years, and the rest were fired for poor season performances or not being reputed or entertaining. Mourinho is under pressure now mainly for poor league performance as well.

    The real issue here is the club’s mercenary culture. The club rarely deals with managerial exits and major player exits in a professional way–Del Bosque still hasn’t accepted their apologies after he won the world cup, and where ‘s the commemoration ceremony for Raul/Guti?

  6. Well mine is very simple,whether the four of them likes it or not,you guys“MOU & CR7” remains the best. My advice to you CR7 is for you not to get discouraged nor weign yourself down by their evil and jealouse attitude. I’m constantly praying for you and God will make his face to shine on you. Remember to always give us that wonderful and beautiful smile of yours whenever you’re playing either you’re scoring or not. And surely all your enemies would difinitely be put to shame. I love CR7 cause you remine mine and the world best!!Congratulations in advance to you CR7 & MOU

  7. I suggest madrid to buy Mata, Torres, Carzola, Michu and many more spanish players. Poor Cristiano is very unlucky. He and Mourinho have done so much for Madrid and they never see that. I hope Cristiano goes back to United. People love him there and he can play at his best. Not appreciating Ronaldo and Mourinho is nothing but ‘disgrace’ to madrid. I love Madrid but what Casillias did for the Ballon d’OR is shit man!!!

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