What Did Materazzi Say To Zidane?

What Did Materazzi Say To Zidane?


Update: Zidane has spoken about the incident. Read Zidane’s comments on the headbutt incident.

This is one of those things where you really, really should let go. If Zidane is going to tell us himself, that’s great, but if he isn’t, speculation won’t help anyone (apart from sell a few extra copies of your rag, I suppose).

Materazzi though, has spoken and denied a few of the accusations (without saying exactly what it was).

Materazzi Statement

“It was the kind of insult you will hear dozens of times and just slips out of the ground.”

“I didn’t call Zidane a terrorist and certainly didn’t mention his mother.”

“Zidane looked at me with super arrogance… it’s true I shot back with an insult.”

“I am ignorant, I don’t even know what an Islamic terrorist is; my only terrorist is her,” he said pointing to his 10-month-old daughter.

“I did not bring up Zidane’s mother; for me a mother is sacred.”

“I held his shirt, for only a few seconds.”

“He turned towards me and scoffed at me, looking at me with super arrogance, up and down.”

“He said ‘if you really want my shirt, you can have it later.'”

“It’s true, I shot back with an insult.”

What the BBC says

BBC Radio Five Live asked for help from a deaf lip reader, Jessica Rees, who read the words phonetically to an Italian translator.

She deciphered the insult as being “you’re the son of a terrorist whore” – a translation also carried by many national newspapers in Britain on Tuesday.

The BBC’s Ten O’Clock News also called in experts to study the television footage of the incident and determined the following:

Materazzi’s first word to Zidane was “no” before he then told him to “calm down”.

He then accused him of being a “liar” and wished “an ugly death to you and your family” on the day the Frenchman’s mother had been taken to hospital ill. This was followed by “Go f*** yourself”.

Media Reaction

Zidane’s agent, Alain Migliaccio, has hinted that Zidane will soon reveal exactly what was said by Materazzi.

Apparently, people are asking for retrospective action if it can be proved that Materazzi racially abused Zidane. That’s fine and dandy, but try to stamp out cheating first using video analysis and retrospectively punishing players, please.

Zidane – Materazzi Rumours

So, in the interest of compiling all the ridiculous rumours as to what Materazzi actually said, here’s what we have so far:

1. According to an Italian lip-reader (courtesy of the BBC), Materazzi said: “I wish an ugly death to you and all your family.” He then told Zidane to “go fuck yourself“.

2. A Paris-based anti-racism group, SOS-Racism, earlier said that “several very well informed sources” had suggested Zidane was called a “dirty terrorist“.

3. After Materazzi grabbed Zidane’s shirt, it is alleged that Zidane responded by sarcastically telling Materazzi that he could have his shirt as a souvenir at the end of the match. The Italian is alleged to have responded by saying that Zidane could keep it for his sister and then made an extremely derogatory comment about her…that version is backed up by lip-readers from the Brazilian TV channel Globo. They claim Materazzi called her a “prostitute”.

4. Italians say Zidane flipped simply because Materazzi told him that he should go play for Inter.

Note that some people claim that Materazzi twisted Zidane’s nipple when he was holding him from behind; if that is true then the sister jibe that’s mentioned above could have been actually something different, in which case few people would blame Zidane for the headbutt….but goddammit, this is the final – you want to take revenge do it after you’ve won the World Cup (or lost it). Why ruin everything for your country and viewers around the world (even as an Italian fan I would have been happy to see Zidane score a late winner) by lashing out 10 minutes before extra time ended?

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  1. If Materazzi actually said something to the tune of “dirty terrorist” or any “racial jibe”, he should be banned and made an example of. Zidane was SO wrong to have lost his head, but racism and cunt behaviour from a habitual niggler is also not on. Materazzi’s already been banned several times for his violent and racist behaviour, so a good year off will do him some good.

    Just jog back to his horrible punch during Inter and Villarreal’s Champions League quarter final.

    Let’s see what the evidence says.

  2. Oh Hush!..I think what he did will be remembered more than if he had just played till the end..where the result could’ve gone anywhere.

    Even the French President was super cool about it..and read the following:


    FIFA investigation

    On July 11, 2006, FIFA declared its intent to officially investigate the incident.[26]

    An Amendment [1] regarding discrimination to Art. 55, Par. 4 of the FIFA Disciplinary Code [2] stipulates that if any player, association or club official or spectator publicly disparages, discriminates against or denigrates someone in a defamatory manner on account of race, colour, language, religion or ethnic origin, or perpetrates any other discriminatory and/or contemptuous act and can be attributed to a certain team, the team in question faces deduction of points in the group stage resp. disqualification in the knockout stage.

    The new provisions had been adopted on 28 March 2006 [3] [4] and may lead to the FIFA Executive Committee imposing harsh sanctions and even disallowing Italy’s team the World Cup victory if Materazzi is convicted of having insulted Zidane with racial slurs.[27]

    [27] ^ Prskalo, Pavo, “Warum die Fifa Italien den Titel aberkennen könnte”, SPIEGEL online, July 11, 2006. Retrieved on 2006-07-11. (written in German)

  3. I agree with Dixon. He absolutely deserves a ban – whether it was the terrorist jibe, or the sister one or (heh) even the Inter one. The thing is, it’s not the first time he’s lost his head, but damn he looks like he’s smarter than the rest of us. I’m sure he was frustrated and it was a dumbfuck thing to do, so fine, don’t take away Italy’s medals. But suspend Materazzi too, take away HIS winner’s medal, relegate Inter . . getting a bit carried away here, but you get the point.

  4. In my personal opinion, I don’t really care what they said to eachother! Zidane should have sucked it up and won the match! I’m sure most agree, even me as an Italian supporter, that France would have won if it had not been for Zidane. Ofcourse it is entertaining to hear what was supposedly said, the least he could’ve done was hit him AFTER the match like a real man! You know? Obviously Matterazzi shouldn’t have been rude, but they all are! It’s just the first time its being published! Oh well, it was Zidane’s last match, atleast he went out with a bang!

  5. what the fuck r u talkin about Melissa:@,what will u do if u were in zidane place i mean if u was a man, huh matterazzi insulted zidane’s family and called him a terrerist,what is this to do with football.seriously i was supporting italy but after the incident i regret it:@

  6. you know what it wouldnt have make a differece if zidane stayed in the match. Italy was clearly a much better team that france anyway. and I dont care what my brotha materazzi sayed , we won anyway!!!!!!!!
    Forza italia!!!!
    Campione del mondo!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. i dissagree, if zidane satyed in the game it would have been totally different game cuz anything can happen in footboll especially if Zizu is playing

  8. if i were zidane i would do anything to materazzi. headbutt is not enough. its better if zidane use his leg. i like what zidane did. he is superb

  9. I think that Materazzi is a disgrace to the football world, and what ever he said that offended Zidane(presuming he actually did say something) obviously made Zidane angry. If all of this is true, Zidane was right to lash out. Both of them should have got a red card, and both should have got banned, but seeing as this was Zidane’s last match in him career, it didnt really matter to him. What ever really did happen, Materazzi is still a disgrace to football, nobody is going to change that, what ever the story is.

  10. I wasn’t sure who i wanted to win. I decided Italy. I couldn’t watch the match as I was on holiday. Then i looked at bbc world news on the TV and i saw what happened. Zidane obviosuly won’t headbutt someone with 10 minutes to go of his career. Everyone would hate him. So Materazzi obviously said something harmful to him! Materazzi already has a violent reputation. GO ZIDANE!!

  11. zidane is the best and i wish when he smashed the head butt on materrazi materrazi should broke his ribs and die

  12. Let me just clear this out, Italy played much better than France. Zidane made a goal with a penalty that shouldn’t have been called (I believe this is what ignited the tension between both players). Materazzi then made a beautiful header, a goal with worth. I agree with everyone on the opinion that “Materazzi is a douche and Zidane should have sucked his comments up” but I don’t agree that if he had stayed France would have won, how stupid is that? To all who believe that Zidane should have sucked it up, I believe you should suck it up that Italy won fair and square you resented rats.

  13. Zidane hit him to keep his honor. Who hates zidane. Why did mattafuckface start Zidane gj you owned that itlaians ass and this year i hope Brazil rape italia and a curse be upon italia for being so foul.

  14. Typical of the world we live in. There is no justification for violence when someone hurls words at you. I don’t care what he said. At that level it is obvious the opponent will use any tactic to unsettle you. The way the term racist is thrown around its a small wonder we can communicate at all,

  15. Italian football is boring.
    It is like real life: Don’t care about morals, just try to cheat as much as possible. If you get away with it, it’s ok. Honesty and sportsmanship are for suckers.
    Thats why I almost never watch football.
    Then, why care?
    Well, our youth have these as role-models. As a consequence, the majority of the pupils aged 17 thinks cheating in school is ok, if you get away with it.
    No wonder we are allowing and even wanting total control of fellow citizens.

  16. While it may be true that Materazzi is an overly aggressive, dirty duche it is also true that tricks and insults to each other’s families have been going on for decades, so getting all fricked out about what materazzi said is a bit ridicoulous, bottome line, in soccer there are 2 players the ones that don’t get caught and the ones that do get caught, Zizu got caught… I’m sure Materazzi probably told Zizu to come to Inter since Juve wasn’t going to win a Lick in the years to come (since it was proven that they stole champinships for many years) them and AC Milan and that mey have pissed him off too, after all materazzi was the only inter player on teh italian squad and he know that all of the champinships juve won were illegitimate.

  17. materanzi is smart france is doing good and they have a high chance in winning “oh i know ill say bad stuff to zidane and he’ll get agro and do something stupid and get sent off simple as that and they’ll lose there best payer and we’ll win. thats probably what was going through his head zidane shouldnt have taken the bait

  18. I am sure the head butt was the result of continuously insulting during the match… That was the limit. Materazzi is racist, as many italians are. But he uses his racism in a very smart way in the pitch, to remove obstacles and have his team win, dirty or clean, who cares?

  19. Hmm im rather stupid.. i hate zidane coz what he did was so brilliant.. i tried in a game and now banned from the league 😛 damnn you!

  20. It’s a shame that one of the greatest players of all time, and definately of a generation has ended his career this way.

    Even so, Materazzi shouldn’t have said anything to Zidane like that. I’m sure every player in the Italian squad would have heard about Zidane’s mother going to hospital in the news and so to mention it was unsavoury. Is typical from Materazzi though, he is a disgrace. Both to his family and Italy.

  21. “Materazzi is racist, as many italians are.”

    Ok, hypocrite. If you really want to get into it though, I doubt the French are any less racist.

  22. I luv zinedine Zidane and i will always luv him!!!
    he is an absolute legend.
    He is absolutely right he shouldnt of hav just headbutted him.i would of killed this fucking matterazzi.Materrazzi is the one that is a motherfucker.he can go n fuck himself.

    I luv u zidane ur superb n the best

  23. Italians are a bunch of divers and bad actors. Im so glad they got evicted being at the bottom of their group. Suck balls you dogs. Did you see what they did to the Slovakian goal keeper in the dying seconds of the game. He was not delaying. In fact he got the ball very quickly. The Italian playing even dived after being girl slapped by goalie. HAHA. Go to acting school you dirty scum of europe.

  24. I believe Materazzi did wrong to the soccer’s fans and to the entire world. He took from us the pleasure to watch Zidane playing soccer with all his heart. Materazzi, be a brave man one time in your life and apologize to the world instead of seeking apologies from Zidane. Materazzi, if you like hanging up with prostitues all what you need to do is training your daughter to be one, that’s all. I hope my words will make you realise what you’ve done to Zidane this great, brave man and wonderful soccer player, he is an artists in the field.

  25. Fransicso, I you kidding me. Do you really believe italians where better than french team on 2006. Mamma Mia! Mamma Mia! You must be joking! :) :) :) :) :)
    Italien team was good in blocking french players from playing. While Materazzi was busy holding Zidane from the back, Zidane was absorbed by the directions the ball was taking and realised later on that he got blocked from the back. You Italians are good in fake games :-)

  26. Italy won fair & square that is the name of the game, Zidane has headbuded other times too,
    trash talk on the field happens all the time
    in many sports,play the game & shut up !
    Zidane’s goal was a penalty that shouldn’t
    have been given, Henry faked the fall,it happens
    with all teams,France cheated to get in to
    world cup 2010 withIreland,it was a handball
    but they are FiFa’s darlings les bleus.

  27. My dear Fanatico, why some Italians like yourself and your Materazi could shoot if there is someone simply look at their girls, in another hand you like raping some body else girls, you suuuuuuck. We are in century and world (at least here in north America) where we have to respect women and protect them from rapists like you FANATICO, mama mia. Frenchs have always been your masters mister Fanatico and will remain your masters in soccer game and in non soccer game. Cheers

  28. Italy won fair and square !!!!! Hh , You did not
    even deserve to pass against Australia. Zidane with or without the world cup , He is a legend . If you are respectful, others will respect you . All of the respectful players in the world respect Zizou and the whole world hates matt… for his deed.And you say Italt , What have you brought to the football except for Boredom . Zidane is the best player in the history of football and he doesn’t need a Calciopoli or abusing to make his way.

  29. i think zidane has done like a real human.No matter wht he done v italybut he is one of the legend in footbll history.After pele and maradona the new legend ZIDANE

  30. No Matter What Zine Dine Zidane Did In The World Cup 2006 He Did Good
    If I Were Zidane I use My Legs For Meterazzi
    Zidane U R The The Legend Come Back In Ur Team Nd Make It A Perfect Team
    Miss U Zidane

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