Waste of Money – The player Chelsea simply MUST sell this summer

Waste of Money – The player Chelsea simply MUST sell this summer



Is this a break up? Well, it certainly should be. In any relationship there should be equal amounts of give and take. Despite probably genuine efforts to the contrary, this certainly hasn’t been the case with the case with Chelsea and Fernando Torres however.

Of course you have to remain faithful in any relationship. Chelsea have certainly done that – and paid a heavy price for it. Kicking Daniel Sturridge to the kerb and offloading probably the hottest of hot-shots in the Premier League to Liverpool for a paltry £12million was an act of faith in Torres that has brought minimal reward.  A £50million transfer fee outlay, wages that attain the status of opulence and the dedication of a fan base that still on Wednesday persist in chanting his name are signs of a devotion that seemed to know no bounds. This summer however returning manager Jose Mourinho may pour a bucket of cold water over all of that and induce a bit of self-appraisal. If that happens, it could herald the end of a somewhat less than beautiful relationship.

Some may look at Chelsea’s position at the top of the Premier League and declare that things cannot be that bad. It’s a good point. The issue is however that the club are not in that position because of the contribution of Torres. They’re in that position despite the player’s lack of contribution. The striker has netted nine times this season in all competitions, and this is not a particularly below average return for him. On top of that the Spaniard turns 30 next month. Fail to sell him in the upcoming window, and time may just have been called in the last chance saloon.


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Football is a game of passions and opinions. If you’re a fan, it’s both your boon and your bane; the drug that you simply cannot live without. Your team will break your heart, make you despair and swear that you’ll give them up. Like some lovestruck fool ensnared by a femme fatale however, you’ll be back again next week. You know it. They know it. Just accept it and embrace it. The lows are bad, but oh, those highs….. Now in my sixth decade, I’ve been a football fan for over fifty years and a Chelsea fan for every one of them. I hold FA Coaching badges and have been a member of the FA Coaches Association for over 15 years, working with numerous teams of varying age and ability levels; it’s the next best thing to playing. That said, I still regularly don the guise of the ‘Panther’, and keep goal for our company team. I’ve written a number of articles focusing on Spanish Football for a different website, and welcome this opportunity to “call it as I see it, without fear or favour” about our game. As I said, football is a game of passions and opinions, so agree or disagree with what I write as you see fit, I’ll passionately tell you my opinion, you tell me yours. For more from All Blue Daze: Twitter: @All_Blue_Daze Blog: www.allbluedaze.tumblr.com. Facebook: Search ‘All Blue Daze’ and ‘Like’


  1. I can’t see him being sold. Torres sells shirts. Almost 20% of our total sales and there is no other player available that would sell as much.

  2. Torres is playing really well this year, personally I would keep him, if you had written this article a year ago, I’m sure I would have agreed. Fernando is gaining that self belief, I believe, given the service he will keep scoring.

  3. I can’t wait to see his back @ Chelsea.u are right dt we @ d top of d table nt becos of Torres contributions or effort but becos of Jose genius.Falcao,Cavani or Coasta are line up to replace him come August.

  4. We need the trio. Bring home Lukaku and Thorgan and buy two other strikers from this trio Cavani, Coasta and Falcao or any other goal vampire.

  5. nope ..torres is not a scoring problem at chelsea!! midfielders are reali a big problem not working with torres proper!! he is a great footballer..

    • Tnx broda ur comment is true, it’s all about our midfielders they don’t want work with striker. So even Chelsea use money go and buy striker he can’t score more gaol like what u mean

  6. Chelsea have never had a goal scoring wizard. Bring in your trio and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Torres is good enough. Bring in Bamford and Piazon.Midfielders r misers.

  7. In my opinion, as an LFC fan, I’m delighted that Torres has been such a failure at Chavski. He was greedy and wanted MORE MONEY and wanted to challenge for PL title’s and CL title’s neither of which they have acheived yet and MAY NOT achieve either. Abramovich must be having nightmares night after night thinking about the massive money that he wasted on a player that he had tried to sign several times while Torres was with us at LFC and failed but eventually did sign. Torres has been a complete waste of money in the sense that his goals to games ratio is a TOTAL JOKE given his massive transfer fee

    • @Griffin, who told u he hasn’t achieved his aim since Leaving lfc? Chelsea Gave him what LFC couldn’t give him. That is champions League trophy. He’s been playing CHAMPIONS League football since leaving LFC If not for any other thing. If u placed for sale Abramovic would buy u and ur poor liverpool So keep calm mind ur bizness

  8. Hahahaha who say that torress is nt our problem? A striker who canot touch ball esept if it was pass to him by his team mate and even if it was gven to him he cant even make use of it rather he wil fall dow looking for referee to blow it please let him out den jos shoud do enyting posible to get ur a good and sharp striker this sumor

  9. Torres was performing well this season and did not dry up due to performance but due to injury. Since coming back E’to held the spot based on Mourinho determining that he was playing well. I think he is not the player we expected but better than you have written

  10. Torres is definitely a waste of money!! Chelsea need strikers like Daniel sturidge etc to help win trophies

  11. Torres is totally useless .you can imagine a number of chances wasted by him in galatasaray vs chelsea.

  12. Chelsea should look for onnown striker, because when chelsea bought Drogba, a few pple no him up chelsea.

  13. The big problem,chelsea must go and look good striker that even he is alone he can challenge the opponents,like the way Drodba was playing while he was @ chelsea.Atleast we’ve got good midfieders especially this year.

  14. Tores is a good player. if you compare him with Eto & Ba you will see that Tores is far far better. the problem Chelsea have is midfielder most of time Hazard is a selfishness if mo can talk to them you will see that Tores is a good player.

  15. chelsea have given Torres what few men can give to their wives- unconditional luv. He has had all support but we can’t de number of trophies he has silenced us hands down. Let him go to hav a new life somewhere 4 de happiness. Still very good but bad memories holds him captive.

  16. i beliv dat stiker’s re d main problem of cfc d chances re being created in every match bt de will end up waistin dem, sometym d midfielder’s re nt soportive to dem actually bt it can understandable may be bcos of d waistful chances. I need d three striker’s out of chelsea dis season

  17. d chances he always missed,did he work those balls by himself…or can u play a game without hazard Oscar nd William in a Chelsea shirt?u won’t give strikers like falcao,coasta,cavani 2 to 3 chances without dem capitalizing on it..can’t Torres learn from d lives of suares,chelsea plays an attacking game,can’t he attack for balls..or even in spain inesta xavi they re not gud enough,they don’t giv him passes to score eighter….listen Torres is dead.there is no way Torres in red can cum back.he lacks confidence,even eto shows better signs than him,nd in d pl this season eto has more goals..wat re we not saying.Torres needs not a doctor but a pastor…

  18. 2 me he shud be called Flopnando toilet, a 50 million striker dat can not score more dan, giroud, lukaku, remy even midfielders score dan him, D main problem with our strikers is dat dey can’t score except dey recieve pass in box 18, even wen dey recieve D pass wit defenders arround dem dey will surely fall like mango tree, O.M.G Flopnando must go

  19. Torres is not our problem!let the truth be told,our midfilders are greedy and selfish

  20. I understand your point what am try to say is that Tores can hold on ball than Ball & Eto. if you agree with me I will rather dispose Eto & Ba than Tores.

  21. what i can say torres,eto’o,must go coz our midfienders are suply them &they con’t score so wht mou shld do is to bring lukaku &thorgan and buy jacksion martinez.

  22. Let us be realistic here. The truth of the matter is that torres is dead, he can’t even charge defender, alway afriad to mark ball in other not to get injured. If i were chelsea owner i wil dash him out for free.

  23. If cfc need Didier Drogba replacement dat wil be Emmanuel Emenike.Bring bk Lukaku and Bramford.Give Emenike time to settle,he wil give u results u need.Forget abt Cavani,Falcoa Costa and co.Buy Emenike cheap.

  24. i think torres ve tried for cfc,so let him luk for another club,coz chelsea ve bear wit him too much.tnx

  25. i don’t want to see Torres leaving Chelsea..this year he good ss well he is also doing exceptional job @ critical times..like winning goal @City.

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