Van Persie: Arsene Wenger’s options and what is best for Arsenal

Van Persie: Arsene Wenger’s options and what is best for Arsenal


Arsenal have been handed a hammer blow due to the fact that captain and talisman Robin van Persie has confirmed that he will not be extending his contract at the north London club. With less than 12 months before the Netherlands international is a free agent, Arsene Wenger has a key decision to make in whether to keep his best player and lose him for nothing in a year, or sell him now for financial gain and to a preferable buyer. Here is the rock and the hard place.

Keep Van Persie

Although transfer rumours have been rife since Van Persie’s announcement, the striker is still an Arsenal player until next June. With the Gunners looking to break back into title contention in 2012-13, the presence of the current PFA Player of the Year will guarantee them goals and make them a more difficult opponent. After a disastrous start to last season following the summer departures of Samir Nasri and Cesc Fabregas, Wenger will be keen to avoid a similar transitional period, and keeping RVP would guarantee as much. Finally, if the north London outfit do challenge for or even win the title, somehow, miraculously, Van Persie could change his mind.

However, the Emirates Stadium faithful’s reaction to the attacker is yet to be seen. Some more understanding fans may grudgingly accept his decision, even if they don’t like it, but a large section of Gunners fans will be very angry and show Van Persie this. A negative reaction from the fans could well impact on the player and the team, and drive the talented forward into the arms of one of Arsenal’s Premier League rivals.

Sell Van Persie

After the departures of Kolo Toure, Emmanuel Adebayor, Gael Clichy, Nasri and Fabregas, Arsenal have at times of late been given the mantle of a ‘selling club’. Cashing in on Van Persie will only go to strengthen this train of thought, and may well convince the likes of Theo Walcott and other Gunners players that there is a step up to be made from the Emirates Stadium. If Van Persie does leave it also puts added pressure on assumed replacement Olivier Giroud, who will have to hit the ground running to keep Arsenal in contention.

However, one way or the other, seeing Van Persie leave the club will be torture on the Arsenal fans. Despite this, Wenger still has power over his potential destination until the transfer window ends. Seeing the current captain wear the blue of City or red of United would certainly be heartbreaking, and as such with the likes of Juventus and Paris-Saint Germain circling, selling him is a real option. Barcelona, Real Madrid and other European giants surely would be tempted if Van Persie was openly available also, and the gut-wrenching prospect of watching him join a Premier League rival (for free) would be avoided.

It is certainly a decision that Wenger would prefer not to have to make, but surely selling Van Persie is the better option for Arsenal. The financial gain can be reinvested in the team, whilst the likes of City or United will not be strengthened by the Gunners’ loss.

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  1. The best option/s for Arsenal are to sell van Pe
    rsie before his contract expires ,sell woeful Wa
    lcott and finally get rid of Wenger himself as the accompanying photo with the above article sh
    ows a manager who,s completely lost it and cann
    ot possibly take the club any further,as the pro
    verb says,a picture paints a thousand words ,au re
    voir Arsene ?

    • no are you mad? teams will think that we are a selling club so then other players will leave then arsenal fc will die so the best option is to keep van persie for one more season then if we do win something like the fa cup or maybe the champions league(you never know) he would think twice about his decision as it said the last contract of van persie may be his last.

  2. The best thing for Arsenal right nowise keep calm remain focused and rid itself of woeful fans like Samuel!

    • Obinna I agree.

      RvP stats:

      2011/2012 season
      Games Started- 37
      Goals- 30
      Assists- 9
      Shots on Goal- 82

      2004-2011 season averages
      Games Started- 16
      Goals- 9
      Assists- 5
      Shots on Goal- 31

      RvP had a terrific season, there is no doubting that. But who is to say Ox, Ramsey, Wilshere, Gervinho, Giroud, Podolski, Song, Walcott (or Moses, who is said to be his replacement if he leaves. I would love that, actually) can’t make up that ground? Guys all of these players either weren’t here last season or dramatically underperformed (other than song but if we do buy a defensive midfielder he would be given more freedom and could then produce more going forward). People are counting Arsenal out but looking at us, we are a good good squad. RvP wasn’t a huge player before this season and look where we have been—in the champs league and competing. We can go a step further this year, with or without him. I’m telling you.

    • i like ur comment to Samuel. he is an shame to the Gunners family. We don’t need to buy cups we need to win them. how? we need patience like Ferguson did.

  3. even if van persie signed a contract, how much longer do we think he will play for? normally when a player reaches 30, wenger only gives them a 1 year contract. van persie is 29 next month, so by the start of the next season after this he will be 30. bergkamp only got 1 year renewals, as did anyone else. the exception to that rule was silvestre and we all se how that one worked out!!

    with all van persie’s injuries, who is to say that this coming season wont be his last? if i was arsenal i would set the price of £30m and see who gets the closest, if that offer is acceptable let him go, if its the wrong side of £15m then i would consider keeping him at least till january, to give giroud time to bed in.

    • look at grant holt gigs scholes van persie aint losing it for now he just score 37goals at a later age he is in fact getting better all round player

  4. The best thing for Arsenal is to ensure they win atleast a silverware next season….it goes without say then keep your best players n even for ones have a short term goal….

  5. Very true so called supporters like Samuel are the reason why the papers have such rubbish to write about Arsenal then we all get tared with the same brush I’m sick of it.

  6. I agree with Samuel. Wengers should be off asap. I don’y know why he keeps on signing french based players.Are they that great or special.Some of his French buys have been disaters;Cygan,Chamakeh,Squillachi,etc.

  7. everyone stop being silly thats exactly what rvp is saying why does he need to leave b4 they start buying world class strikers and etc that should be going on whilst he’s bin in the team for 8 yrs why not keep van persie and still buy lewandolski or jovetic why wait for another problem bound to happen when these new players say they need to move on to win trophies were always looking for cheap replacements b4 you know were just a cheap little petty club that feeds the big boys

  8. we need to become a world class team world class players a team that would be stupid if u left not because everyone loves you at the club our mums would love us at home but remove on we stabability in the squad there needs to be competition for places how is the team gonna get better with out competition and experience wilshire had nasri and fabregas that helped him a lot

  9. Awakula enume tewakula emu!This is in my mother tongue meaning,” There are other bulls that grow beside the big bull. U know what I mean.

  10. Van Persie wants out, he should be let go and we should focus on building a squad capable of winning something next year. People can cry and moan about loyalty but most Arsenal fans aren’t exactly loyal to our players at all, Djourou a very friendly, respectful and capable player gets abuse all day on twitter from Arsenal fans telling him to leave etc. Ramsey also gets all sorts of abuse. I don’t blame Van Persie and I don’t think he’ll shed a tear to see the back of such a fickle and abusive set of ungrateful supporters who only sing when they’re winning. I’m just glad to be irish so I at least follow one football club who’s supporters support the team and the players with every breath no matter the result on the pitch. Arsenal fans are spoiled brats, with over 40% of them wanting Usamov to take over and bankroll us. You really think Van Persie is the only person who doesn’t like where the club is going?

  11. Too much is being made of van persie. Yes he is a great player, but arsenal is bigger than any one player as we proved when van persie was injured for 7 years, when fabregas, nasri, adebayor left etc. It is silly to suggest that arsenal football club’s future depends on a player who so far has been no more than a treatment table regular and a one season wonder.

  12. we gunners need to build character ,hunger for sucess and tough mental strength within the team n keep our best players to win and be a successful club like v used 2 be.We still can and will achieve success sooner rather than later but it all depends on how the board deal with the transfers …..all the best come on gunners…………..

  13. Will be tough for Gunners fans to watch him go, but seeing him play for United or City would surely be devastating – hence they must sell him abroad now whilst they still can

  14. Oh come one! When was the last time Arsene “reinvested” the gains from selling players in the team?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  15. Buying low – Selling high. Arsene should be with Goldman Sachs or JP Morgan after retirement…..

  16. RVP was amazing last season but really and truly last season was only the 2nd season in his 8 season career at Arsenal that he actually lived up to his huge potential. To be honest its more than likely that next season he’ll go back to his old habits. He’s in the last year of his contract, obviously he’ll try his best, but do you know how hard it is to commit yourself to anything in life when you know you’ll not be there for very long. Arsenal need to make the best football/business decision for Arsenal, based on the facts they have right now, not tomorrow. RVP could have injury plagued season like he usually does and Arsenal are left with no player (as they can’t use him) and no money (because no one will buy him). I mean yeah he could have a CR7 like season and knock out 50 goals + 20 assists in all competition to warrant AW taking the risk of losing him for nothing but let’s be real that’s unlikely to happen. Getting £15m for a guy you bought for £2.75, who’ll be 30 by the end of the season, in the final year of his contract. All the signs point to a sale. The 8m offer from Juventus was a piss take but £15m seems reasonable.

  17. Van Persie must go. Arsenal can not continue to be a one man team. Although this will dent title chances dramatically- this will make us more of a team. Judging by recent comments made by Van Persie it is clear that he thinks he is larger than the team.

  18. One thing we all should know is that, Arsenal is bigger than any player, Arsenal will always remain Arsenal with RVP or with out RVP.

  19. Let RVP go and try to get as much out of it to reinvest on other quality players. We need a strong and fast CB like M. Sakho (we let Vertoghen go at a cheap price???!!!) and then move Koscielny into the DM position and let Song move further forward. The additions of Cazorla and Sahin with a strong center forward like Dzeko and you are done…. this will be ateam fighting for quite a top position .

  20. There’s a big difference! If RVP stay dat means Arsenal loss…so lets be wise, Emirate will neva fall.

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