Can Redknapp save Tottenham from relegation?

Can Redknapp save Tottenham from relegation?


When Daniel Levy leaves his post as Tottenham chairman, his legacy will be one of half-chances, unfulfilled ambitions and horrible timing.

What Spurs get right – Ramos was a good choice at the time to replace Jol, and Redknapp is a good choice to replace Ramos – they screw it up by mistiming the event. Jol was axed too late, Ramos too early and in both cases the fundamental problem – squad imbalance – wasn’t rectified.

Still, there’s hope – with Comolli gone it will be interesting to see what Tottenham do to fill his position and whether they choose to give Redknapp control over selection of transfer targets.

Official Tottenham statement:

“The Club can announce that Damien Comolli, Sporting Director, Juande Ramos, Head Coach and First Team Coaches, Marcos Alvarez and Gus Poyet, have left the Club, with immediate effect. We wish them well.

Clive Allen, Development Squad Coach, and Alex Inglethorpe, Youth Team Manager, will take charge for Sunday’s League match against Bolton.”

Harry Redknapp:

“I’ve had a great time at Portsmouth and we’ve had an unbelievable, successful time over the six years I’ve been here.

But Tottenham made a fantastic offer to Portsmouth and it was difficult.

It was a lot of money – I think £5m, crazy money, really. Pompey couldn’t sell a player in the [transfer] window so we sell the manager.

I am a big follower of the history of the game and Tottenham have been a great club over the years.

I followed Tottenham, I trained there as an 11-year-old, 12-year-old so I know the history of the club. It is a big, big, club.

It is a club that has massively underachieved this year – to be sitting there with two points and, let’s be honest, in a real desperate situation, a relegation battle.

There’s a lot of quality players there that obviously haven’t done as well as they should have done.

You don’t end up with two points from eight games if you’re doing what you should be doing.

So they need to start performing as I know they can. Whether it’s confidence or whatever, it’s up to me to go in and try to get the best out of them players.”

Good luck to Juande Ramos and Gus Poyet, wherever they go next (Atletico Madrid? Newcastle? QPR?). Hopefully Pompey can find a replacement quickly and don’t suffer too much as a result of this move, although one expects players to be moving this January as a result.

And good luck to Tottenham – if Redknapp can’t ‘turn things around’, it’s not going to be a pretty fall for White Hart Lane.

Can Redknapp save Tottenham from relegation?

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  1. I believe Redknapp will do a better job of saving Tottenham that Ramos could ever do, I never liked him, just they way he couldn’t pick a starting 11 in positions they are effective in really didn’t help either.

  2. It´s like closing the stable door after the horse has already bolted. I think they should get on thuer knees and beg Jol to come back and pay him what ever he wants ( not that he would want to return. we had a manager that took us to the top six twice and you could really see progress we had the feeling that we were going to reach the champions league and a lot more, but as aways the donkeys on the board who can´t see futher than the end of thier noses panic after a bad run sack him. ok we beat Chelsea in the cup but that had NOTHING to do with Ramos that team was built by Jol. Look at Jol now he must be rubbing his hands and laughing at those donkeys.How could they do this to the love of my life? good luck Tottenham we can still turn things around.

  3. So now it’s rednapp the miracle worker ha,ha after you sack him in march can i have a go ha ha ‘as the spurs go down down down’

  4. I am a West Ham fan and you are welcome to Redknapp. I believe that he is one of the most overrated managers around at the moment. He may save you from relegation, I grant you that. But that is about it. I can see him falling out with Levy very quickly as he chops and changes his squad in each transfer window. The good news is that he will probably bring Defoe back for you. He nearly bankrupted West Ham, he relegated a decent Southampton, and if the current rumours are anything to go by, Portsmouth are in financial trouble because of a massive wage bill. Good luck you lot, you will need it.

  5. The problem for me is clearly Levy. He gets everything wrong and seems over emotional and over reactive for someone in his position. Get rid of Levy and Spurs fortunes will change.

  6. This may prove to be a blessing for both Portsmouth or Newcastle. Both the clubs should try and get Ramos with them. Redknapp is a good manager, but Ramos would certainly flourish at either club. The problem for Spurs is ……..everything. Unstable boardroon, fickle fans, you name it………….

  7. Heh. Cool. I just checked. Redknapp has said that he does not expect Adams to follow him to Spurs.

    He told BBC Radio Five Live Sportsweek programme: “Tony is an Arsenal man, so it would be very difficult.”

    Phew. I knew it was 99% crap but that 1% chance was still bothering me. Don’t think i would have been able to deal with Adams working as an assistant manager there. George Graham was enough.

  8. Can someone explain me why Jol was sacked to late, he got spurs almost back on track after a bad start. Ramos however, didn’t look like he could make Spurs recover.

  9. Jol shouldnt have been sacked at all, it was a conspiracy against him the get Ramos from the beginning of the transfer window. And I might need a little insight on how it was too early to sack Ramos Ahmed?

    and iqnadirshah isnt easy to understand that maybe ramos should go back to spain because he cant get the english game down?

  10. yes, he can..but surely he was better off with less pressure at pompey…perhaps the lure of uefa cup.but the next world-class in the mould manager is sure to be roy keane..hope he does not end at manutd, he’s a very capable replacement 4 fergie..hope he goes 2 italian side(like juve), n let rafa go a fergie for 20 years here in england

  11. TA6 will not go to Tottenham. He’s Arsenal through and through and knows what it’d mean to us Gooners to see him sat on the Sp*rs bench.

  12. The downfall of spurs is down to Commoli,simple as.
    I agree that Levy should hold his hand up with the whole Berbatov-Keane fiasco, but that has not lead to spurs finding themselves in the position that they are in.
    I believe the problems started for spurs when frank arnesan left for chelsea. He brought in Jol (who Sir Alex wanted as his assistant at one stage) as he believed the two of them could work well together, and they both shared similar goals and both agreed on what the club needed in order to achieve those goals. Frank was responsible for the acquisitions of really good young english players like Lennon, Huddelstone, Carrick, Jenas, Dawson, Robinson. Jol was able to bring them through the system and help them develop into first team material who were challenging for England selection. Frank and Jol also managed to bring in experience and tenacity in the form of Davids, while i think,if memory serves me correctly, Berbatov was also an Arnesan masterstroke.
    When Frank left, he left structures in place that would ensure spurs stay competetive until someone new was appointed.
    Damien Commoli came in and slowly undid the work of Jol and Arneson. When Davids and Carrick moved on, spurs replaced them with the tenacious Zakora, who was building a reputation as one of the best DM in europe. However spurs did not replace the creativity of Carrick, which showed in the 2006/07 season where they were competive but not convincing.Zakora clearly looked out of his depth.
    At the beggining of last season, it was clear that spurs needed a midfield general that could pass the ball as Zakora clearly wasnt cutting it, and they missed the play making ability of carrick. Instead of addresing these issues, Commoli decided to (unnecercerily) add Bent to a squad already packed with 3 top class forwards, for GBP16mil, the same amount that Henry went to FC Barcelona for. In the same summer, they could have picked up Scott Parker who joined West Ham for GBP7mil who could have been the general, and leader in midfield that they required. They could have picked up Rafael van der Vaart who left this summer for around €10mil. He could have been the playmaker they needed. Had they done that, spurs probably would have been able to cope better with the frailty of their leader and defensive rock King last season as it was their defence at the begging that let them down. Jol probably would not have been sacked and the stability at the club (provided commoli stopped undermining Jol) would have lead to another solid finish.

  13. MUFC FAN: two things, first, the man’s name is Zokora, not Zakora, second van der Vaart, you’re kidding, right? Don’t tell me you think it’s all about the money? The man explicitly said many times that he would leave HSV only for a top club, and so he did. If it was only about money, he could have moved to say, PSG or Portsmouth, 15 mil (not 10) is really not that much.

  14. Hey -just watched Adams’s first interview as manager..he looks class, with that touch of arrogance. I like him. Think he’s class but hope his class shines after Wednesday…

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