Tottenham ripped apart on Twitter after Angel di Maria ‘quotes’


Real Madrid attacker Angel di Maria has caused quite a stir in North London, with the Argentine international reportedly saying that he has been ‘hurt’ by the media speculation linking him with a summer move to Tottenham.


I say ‘reportedly’ as there are conflicting stories attempting to explain his comments, which may well have been misconstrued, and Spurs an unfortunate victim in the fallout.

Or, Arsenal fans will be chuckling, the comments are quite accurately translated, and the 26-year-old did indeed express his pain at being linked with the Premier League side, turning White Hart Lane into White Hurt Lane for an evening (sorry, couldn’t resist)!

Check out the actual interview with Angel di Maria here, as conducted by Spanish newspaper ‘Marca’

Regardless of this ongoing issue, Twitter has predictably burst into life, with poor old Tottenham the butt of many a Di Maria-themed joke!

It’s a bit of a free-for-all, with the Gunners faithful also seen among those adding to the growing throng of tweets that has gripped the social network, condemning Spurs to an evening of acute embarrassment. 

Check out some of the best tweets right here:

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