Tottenham ripped apart on Twitter after Angel di Maria ‘quotes’

Tottenham ripped apart on Twitter after Angel di Maria ‘quotes’


Real Madrid attacker Angel di Maria has caused quite a stir in North London, with the Argentine international reportedly saying that he has been ‘hurt’ by the media speculation linking him with a summer move to Tottenham.


I say ‘reportedly’ as there are conflicting stories attempting to explain his comments, which may well have been misconstrued, and Spurs an unfortunate victim in the fallout.

Or, Arsenal fans will be chuckling, the comments are quite accurately translated, and the 26-year-old did indeed express his pain at being linked with the Premier League side, turning White Hart Lane into White Hurt Lane for an evening (sorry, couldn’t resist)!

Check out the actual interview with Angel di Maria here, as conducted by Spanish newspaper ‘Marca’

Regardless of this ongoing issue, Twitter has predictably burst into life, with poor old Tottenham the butt of many a Di Maria-themed joke!

It’s a bit of a free-for-all, with the Gunners faithful also seen among those adding to the growing throng of tweets that has gripped the social network, condemning Spurs to an evening of acute embarrassment. 

Check out some of the best tweets right here:

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  1. Leaving aside the mistranslation, as he meant he was hurt at being seen as a makeweight part of the Bale deal, isnt it great to see Woolwich fans still so obsessive about Spurs. With massive resources a huuge stadium and gigantic wage bill Arsenal still cant compete with the top clubs in England let alone Europe. Every year its a battle with Spurs and now Everton to finish 4th. Pathetic underachievement and the mentality of losers to be so obsessed with Spurs. Your rivals should be Chelsea and Man City but you know you are uncompetitive against them so you continue to pour scorn on Spurs. And if you want a list of hurting players. …..Fabregas Henry Nasri Clichy Sagna van Persie who all left in order to WIN things not compete for 4th. That should worry u more than the comments of a Real Madrid reserve worry Spurs.

    • Well said Gary. This obsession by not only the fans, but players alike is pathetic. Their mediocre ‘star’ players have learnt that glossing over their failures with a bit of ‘banter’ towards spurs is the best way to win over their laughable fans.

      • Obsessed with Spurs are we ?!? You may be right ,mate ! I remember i suggested St Totteringham Day to be celebrated at Emirates !Since then the church inserted that in their calender as a permanent yearly feature .

    • Gary, Spurs finished 10 points behind us this year, we finished 7 behind City. That would suggest we are competing with the big boys. Not small fry like you.. 7 years Gary…. 7 Years ……

      • Small fry? what a laugh you lot are obsessed about Tottenham
        you’ve been the champions league for many years and never looked
        like winning it, you take great pleasure finishing above us in the league rather than your Disgust at your failures to win the champions league
        Get a Life Mate

      • You finished 10 points clear of the most disorganised disjointed Spurs side in years. Apart from that the gap has been just 1-2 points….even allowing for food poisoning one year and a highly suspect last-day WBA goalkeeping performance in another. You are looking down not up because your manager is scared of going for the summit. He is happy with The 4th Place Cup even if your best players arent as it keeps his £9m a year salary safe. Thats what hurts.

        • Not an Arsenal fan but like most neutrals I much prefer Arsenal to Spurs mainly due to the fans.
          Spurs fans are just so touchy and take banter too personally.
          Accept you’re not as good as you think you are and not the big club you think you are and maybe mutuals wouldn’t lol at you all the time.
          You wasted loads of money and with Levy will never get consistency under a decent manager.
          It makes sense you’re hurting at hiring an average manager but don’t make it so obvious by talking about Arsenal not winning the league lol

    • Mate, i’m not worried about ADM’s comments . The man expressed his feelings at the time !You should be worried ! It shows the real status of your club on the international market,nothing else ! And,BTW, ADM is a crucial piece in Real’s set up,not a reserve .We ,Arsenal supporters,we do not hate Spurs! Not at all ! We thank TFC for giving us the wonderful opportunity to celebrate St Totteringham Day every year !And i mean EVERY YEAR and in years to come !

  2. Gary Fox….I salute you! These pricks even sing anti spurs songs on their one and only trophy parade in 10 years because they are so obsessed…A cup they won by not leaving North London I must add. Look at the long list of players who have left Arsenal to be successful….The list is much longer than Bale, Berbatov, Modric and Carrick.

    • Err….. Thats because spurs dont produce the world class players like arsenal with the exception of bale. No one wants your players!

  3. I’m a Islngton Gypy fan and to take my frustration out on lacking ambition and happy to play for 4th after winning titles and being one of the big boys, I use Spurs for my frustations. It must be alright because the players do it as well to hide their failures. To show how really stupid I am I reacted to a headline without reading the actual article. If I had I would of realised that he was upset because of being linked with a move away from Real Madrid. It could of been any club. Guess like myself and other Woolwich Wanderers fans I like to look pathetic, obsessed and stupid.

  4. Of course anyone with even a modicum of intelligence knows what he meant. That he was simply hurt that Real didnt want him. He would have said the same even if he had been linked with Barcelona because he loves Real.
    Still it is hilarious how Arsenal fans always try to twist things like this because of their seemingly unexhaustible obsession with the mighty Spurs.

  5. Is it not slightly hypocritical to say that Arsenal fans don’t stop talking about spuds? What do you think it is that you are doing? Are you still upset that Jack mugged you off at the victory parade? Are you sad that your players don’t get the chance to do that? Just wondering….

    • If a spurs player stooped down to the level of idiots like Wilshere I would be disappointed coz I’m pretty sure they are better than that.I love spurs and couldn’t give a monkeys what arsenal do or don’t do, I will just concentrate on my team.

      • At spurs we have a code of conduct. No spurs player is allowed to lower themselves to the level shown by woolwich. It’s called class. Something the finsbury park doggers know nothing about.

    • You finished 10 points clear of the most disorganised disjointed Spurs side in years. Apart from that the gap has been just 1-2 points….even allowing for food poisoning one year and a highly suspect last-day WBA goalkeeping performance in another. You are looking down not up because your manager is scared of going for the summit. He is happy with The 4th Place Cup even if your best players arent as it keeps his £9m a year salary safe. Thats what hurts.

  6. The only person jack ‘mugged off’ was himself, again. He shows himself to be such a foolish little boy with his smoking and generally childish on and off pitch behaviour. He us after all, supposed to be a professional, but he just comes across as a prick.

  7. He have probaly said the same about l’Arse if he’d been linked with them.Lot of Gob from a team a lot more income,generaly finish justabove us.And when they sit n top of the league for a time always. end up losing it.

  8. Tottenham “ripped apart” – “acute embarrassment” – because a Spanish player says something and a bunch of Arsenal fans start jeering. What planet are you on? I’m guessing you’re a gooner – and if your dream is to be impartial – you bkew it with this overhyped piece of garbage.

  9. to be honest as a spurs fan I don’t mind the bit of banter towards us, Id rather they focus and fantasize on spurs than there own wives/other halves heaven forbid these numpties start reproducing.

  10. Well di maria has openly said he was miss quoted, and it’s old news anyway The journalist
    ( ArsAnal supporters association ) try again.

  11. Haha I do love Spurs fans!! Bunch of comedians! Make me laugh so much after reading some of these comments!! I guess I can understand some of the comments! It must be hard to deal with, when at the start of the season there was so much optimism!! £100m spent, the media saying spurs for the title! Arsenal were meant to be in crisis because we DIDN’T spend £100m! I imagine every spurs fan thought they were gonna win the league or at least finally finish above The Arsenal! Or maybe win the micky mouse europa league or league cup…could have had the best season ever! So what happened? you were awful, wasted £100m, sacked your manager and got a very HONEST lol ex arsenal fan in to replace him and couldnt score any goals, got knocked out of every competition and have to witness Arsenal sign a genuine world class player, then watch as our Welshman becomes the best midfielder in the league…and then watch how Arsenal were sitting at the top of the league for longer than anyone else! Lose every time you played Arsenal and didnt even score against us and then to top it all off…The Arsenal ended their trophy drought and win the FA CUP!!! haha must be so hard being a spud!!! always next season right?? 😉

  12. I think all spur fans need a medical check up because, i don’t expect them to hurt that arsenal trophyless seasons is over. Well! don’t let what di maria said hurt you, you all know that you can’t sign a player of his caliber. And to add to your soar in the history of premier league arsenal is better than you.

  13. Such ballistic response here….come on!
    Arsenal fans was never obsessed with spurs, just rivals across town enjoying a little banter since we’re starved of football. Don’t get so emotional dude!

    You’re right. We’re more obsessed & working towards winning the league, definitely nothing more than a sorry glimpse across town. Probably if you guys stop fantasizing about Champions League every season then it won’t hurt so much

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