The Ten-Year EPL Table: Chelsea ahead of Arsenal, Liverpool and Everton ahead of Tottenham and Man City

The English Premier League since 2002 has featured thirty-eight clubs, twenty-four of which have been in England’s top flight for three seasons or more.  It’s been a helluva ride: we’ve seen the record for fewest points broken (twice),seen Newcastle slip from the Champions League to the Championship and we witnessed Jose Mourinho, Carlo Ancelotti, Guus Hiddink, Claudio Ranieri and “Big Phil” Scolari all take charge of Roman Abramovich’s Chelsea for varying short periods of time.  The natural resource-fuelled teams have begun to dominate the Champions’ League positions, and we witnessed first Arsenal’s Invincibles and ended the ten years marvelling at Sir Alex Ferguson’s “Slightly Less Invincibles”.

Compiling the entire Premiership into one table makes for interesting reading.  It’s arranged by order of Title Wins, then Top Four berths (minus relegations, which penalises both the Toon Army and Leeds),by average Points Per Season and finally, by Average Goal Difference.  It shows once again how stark the difference is between the Premiership’s “haves” and “have-nots” as during this past decade only eight clubs have managed a top-four finish.  Of those eight, Tottenham, Man City and Everton only climbed the mountain only once.  In stark contrast, the relegation zone saw multiple repeat offenders – West Brom, Sunderland and Birmingham chief amongst them.

Here, in all it’s glory, is the decade’s English Premiership Cumulative table (minimum three seasons in Premiership):

TeamYearsTitleRangeTop 4Top 10RelegationsPtsAvgAvg GD
Man Utd1051 to 31010082682.643.8
Chelsea1031 to 6910080480.443
Arsenal1021 to 41010077177.139.8
Liverpool1002 to 7910069569.529.6
Everton1004 to 1717055355.33.2
Tottenham1004 to 1418055155.13.1
Man City904 to 1616047252.444.1
Newcastle903 to 1824146451.56-0.56
Aston Villa1006 to 1607052452.40.8
Blackburn1006 to 1506049949.9-4.4
Leeds United305 to 1901114648.67-7.3
Bolton1006 to 1704047047-8.7
Stoke City3011 to 1300013846-11
Fulham1007 to 1703045945.9-6.9
Charlton Athl.607 to 1901127345.5-13
West Ham807 to 2004235944.88-13.75
Southampton408 to 2001117644-8.25
Birmingham709 to 1902330143-12.43
Middlesbrough807 to 1901134242.75-7.88
Wigan6010 to 1701025242-20
Wolves3015 to 2000111137-27
Portsmouth708 to 2002129336.63-12.57
Sunderland7013to 2001224034.29-24.43
West Brom5011 to 2000316933.8-24.8

To view more on the Premiership’s Cumulative Tables, visit Balanced SportsCumulative Premiership Tables page.

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