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The hottest Brazilian WAGs


The five-time world champions have a lot more than just beautiful samba football. Their women are as beautiful as their football – perhaps even more.

It is an undeniable fact that some of our favorite ladies in the world are from Brazil. From the top supermodels like Gisele Bundchen and Adriana Lima to regular models like Alessandra Pinho and Ariane Gonzalez, all are amazing.

By the way, do you know what’s common between all four of those women? They have all publicly shown interest in football.

Although Gisele and Adriana are both fans of Inter Milan but Ms. Pinho is a fan of Brazilian club Internacional and Ariane is a fan of Palmeiras.

Similarly, Brazilian footballers have also paid much attention to their women as well. So much that they have even pondered off to transvestites and cross-dressers.

So after carefully leaving the horrible parts of their private lives out, we have compiled a list of wives and girlfriends (both former and present) of the players of the Brazil national football team.

The WAGs of Brazil:

  1. Julio Cesar (Inter) – married to Susana Werner
  2. susana werner The hottest Brazilian WAGs

    Ronaldo’s ex and Julio Cesar’s wife – Susana Werner

  3. Lucio (Inter) – married to Dione
  4. dione The hottest Brazilian WAGs

    Lucio with his family (I suppose)

  5. Lucas Leiva (Liverpool) – married
  6. Marcelo (Real Madrid) – married to long-time girlfriend Clarisse Alves
  7. Ronaldinho (Flamengo) – previously speculated to be seeing Aline Domingos
  8. aline domingos milan The hottest Brazilian WAGs

    Aline is an AC Milan fan and Milan TV presenter

  9. Kaka (Real Madrid) – married to his childhood sweetheart Caroline Celico
  10. caroline celico The hottest Brazilian WAGs

    Mr. & Mrs. Kaka

  11. Alexandre Pato (Milan) – previously married to Sthefany Brito and dated Miss Brazil 2010 Debora Lyra after his divorce and currently seeing Italian Prime Minister’s daughter Barbara Berlusconi
  12. barbara berlusconi The hottest Brazilian WAGs

    Silvio Berlusconi’s daughter Barbara

  13. Nilmar (Villarreal) – married to Laura Guimaraes
  14. laura guimaraes The hottest Brazilian WAGs

    Nilmar and his wife, Laura

  15. Luis Fabiano (Sao Paulo) – married to Juliana Paradela Clemente
  16. juliana paradela clemente The hottest Brazilian WAGs

    Fabiano ‘chillin’ with Juliana

  17. Robinho (AC Milan) – married to Vivian Guglielmetti
  18. vivian guglielmetti The hottest Brazilian WAGs

    Maybe Vivian stepped on Robinho’s shoes there


Ronaldo*takes deep breath* the big man dated Julio Cesar’s current wife Susana Werner, Livia Lemos & Raica Oliveira, was married to Milene Domingues, was engaged to Daniela Cicarelli, has a son with a Brazilian waitress Michele Umezu and the last I heard, he was married to Maria Beatriz Antony.

ronaldo wags The hottest Brazilian WAGs

Ronaldo’s WAGs: (clockwise from left-top) Maria, Michele, Daniela, Milene & Livia, (center) Susana

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