The curious case of Wesley Sneijder

The curious case of Wesley Sneijder

Wesley Sneijder

Of all the stories doing the rounds in the twice-yearly silly-season that is the transfer window, the one involving Wesley Sneijder is the most baffling.

This is the player who, just two years ago, was hailed as the man that should have beaten Lionel Messi to the Ballon d’Or, after the Dutchman’s majestic performances inspired his club to Champions League success and his country to the World Cup final.

And yet just over two years later, Sneijder seems to be on his way from Inter Milan to Turkish side Galatasary for a reported fee of £10 million.

Wesley Sneijder

In what sounded like an attempt to paint a far rosier picture of the situation than some football observers would suggest, Sneijder’s agent Soren Lerby told Gazzetta dello Sport:

“Now the decision lies with him, anything is possible in football and Turkey is fast becoming a hot destination.”

Hot it may be, at least in the literal sense of the word. But Sneijder’s preferred new home? I doubt it.

Following a contract dispute that has seen him make only five appearances all season, there is every chance he just wants to play. But at only 28, he may be wondering if he should have let his football do the talking a little more after those heady days of 2010.

Instead his mouth did most of it, to such an extent that it seemed his flirtations were as much with himself as with the clubs he name-checked.

In the summer of 2011, Sneijder spoke of “unofficial talks” with Manchester United. In fact, such is the media’s love affair with that potential move that it has been reeled out during every transfer window thereafter.

But whatever the reason it didn’t happen – excessive wage demands, alternative players bought in his place, or just because they were never actually interested – the Dutchman now finds himself making puppy-dog-eyes at United, and anyone else who’s looking.

Speaking of his client, Lerby said:

“If everything goes to plan the deal (to Galatasary) will go through.  We will wake up tomorrow and everything will be more clear.”

Which is agent code for, “He’s signing for someone soon… Do you hear that far more appealing clubs? We will wake up tomorrow and be ready for your call.

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  1. Do you hear that far more appealing clubs?

    I suggest you be a little more objective in your writing. Galatasaray are a big club with European trophies, rich history that garners respect everywhere from the knowledgeable football fan.

  2. turkey’s not hot, it’s snowing over there now, and galatasaray is a pretty good team. why the prejudice?

  3. Thank you for the comments. Trust me, there was no intent to be prejudiced on my part. I am fully aware of Galatasary’s great history.

    The article was a comment on the strange way Sneijder has done – and continues to do – his transfer bidding. If Galatasary were appealing to him, he’d sign for them. Simple as that. And yet instead his agent puts out thinly-veiled “come-and-get-me” pleas saying he’ll sign soon but hasn’t yet. You have to admit it’s a strange one.

    • It’s an interesting one for sure.

      For me there are a couple ways to interpret this. One is that he’s publicizing his ‘impending transfer’ to encourage bigger clubs to ‘hijack’ the deal and submit to the $$ demands. Another is that there is a clash between the agent and the player–with the agent trying to sway the player into signing for a club which meets his wage demands, while the player is somewhat reluctant to make a move which would signal the death of his career.

  4. why sign to play in such an inferior league, he’s still only 28. Manchester city or any other top premier league could do with a player of his calibre

  5. Good read! Agree all the way! If he goes to Turkey that will be depressing for him and his fans….sure they’re a good team with a rich history but c’mon!!! Turkey is not London!
    It’s like wanting a BMW and settling for a KIA!
    Hopefully some club in London snags him! Love Wes, good luck kid!

  6. I don’t know why the guys above me are so delusional but Turkey isnt a destination any top player wants to go.

  7. Nice article, however Im not too sure about how unappealing the move to Gala is being portrayed as, unless the player was moving to a club in asia or an actual low quality league. Reading the authors recent comment “agent puts out thinly-veiled “come-and-get-me” pleas” I feel anyone in Sneijder’s shoes would want to see all the possible offers before making a decision, this is an important one for him and certainly cant be made too soon. Top teams might make their offers, but Sneijder may still see Turkey as the best offer in the end.

  8. Vincent, do you actually think that Inter is a better team than Gala right now? they are knocked out of CL yet Gala is in the last 16. And why the obsession by bloggers for ManU? why would ManU need Sneijder now? have you checked their roster, where exactly will they place him on the field, not to mention his wage demands… 4 in England are not willing to go for him. End of!
    his agent can say whatever he wants and every player wants to hold out for better offers, that is natural. Its only been 4 days since Gala announcement. I only wish bloggers would show tad more respect for Gala….

  9. Pepe, get off your high horse.

    Galatasary are rubbish like all Turkish clubs, two horse league where they qualify year on year into the money pit that is the Champions league. Ill laugh my arse off if Wesley ends up there, he should fire his agent in 2 nanoseconds if thats the only top European club he can pull out of the hat, could be worse and he turns into a money whore like Eto.

    • Gala is probably the best offer he has now, since his agent apparently offered him to QPR too 😀

      Gala making the round of 16 in CL is overrated. Getting into CL from Turkey is way easier than from Italy. Gala is like the Turkish Ajax. Sure they have a great history and are domestically competitive…but no one considers them world-beaters now.

  10. i only wish for him to come hes a very outstanding player, and i am very happy to see alot of people on this forum, respecting gala for our great history, but then there are still the negative comments portraying gala as a dead beat that cant get anywhere hope he moves and really does something good for the club and shuts all these wankers talking crap about gala :) comon sneijdeerr

  11. My team FulhamFC could really use ol’ Wes, alas, his transfer fee plus his contact salary would bankrupt us. And unless there’s a second-half miracle in this season, we’re not playing in Europe next year.

  12. Galatasaray’s offer is best for Sneijder. And I know, Anzhi wants Sneijder too. Anzhi can accept €10m yearly wage. But, Galatasaray offer is hot for Sneijder. Bcs, Galatasaray has got a great history, Galatasaray plays in CL and Galatasaray manager is F. Terim, and Turkey is a holliday country(beach, sun and Istanbul) … Galatasaray yearly wage is same for Inter yearly wage. And bonuses with yearly wage can be €6,5m – €7m€ . Anzhi is a Russian team and city has got cold weather. if I am W.Sneijder, I will accept Galatasaray offer. He can be a new G. Hagi in Galatasaray. in my opinion Sneijder will sign Galatasay in this week. Just wait. Now, Sneijder’s manager is working to solve sponsor problems with Inter. Inter an Sneijder accept Galaasaray offer.

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