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The 50 Hottest Football Fans


The title of this post explains it all… The 50 hottest football fans. These 50 fans we are listing are not just fans; they’re hot babes, like really hot!

These women have spent hours under the sun and in the gym or with their yoga guru in order to keep their body tanned and toned. But here they are, just for you to feast on them (or nibble, if you wish to go down that road).

We’ve rated and nicely divided the list of 50 babes in to five pages, featuring ten babes on each page. The rating has simply been according to how much they attract us. The more we want to do them, the higher they’re rated; but we have been very, very strict!

One last thing, before we start off with the hotties, I would like to mention that the Queen Elizabeth II is a fan of Arsenal. Ok, now go ahead and enjoy:

Babe #50 to Babe #41

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