Ten Overhead Kicks That Put Rooney’s Derby Shinner To Shame

Ten Overhead Kicks That Put Rooney’s Derby Shinner To Shame


After Wayne Rooney reminded us all that he used to be a fairly decent professional footballer with his derby day belter against Manchester City last Saturday, the received (Sky Sports-infused) wisdom seems to be that the decidedly off-colour striker’s effort was, without need for second thought, the greatest overhead kick ever scored by anyone, anywhere, ever.

However, that’s not quite the case – as the following, ten-strong video essay will hopefully attest to.

Oh, and apologies for the slightly tongue-in-cheek strapline. I hope we can still be friends.

Let’s press on, shall we?

10. Dean Ashton – Man Utd vs WEST HAM, 2008:

Fergie was quick to peg Rooney’s flying shinner against bitter rivals City as the greatest goal that had ever graced Old Trafford, though former West Ham striker Ashton has grounds to take issue with that particular assessment…

9. Joseph Desire Job – MIDDLESBROUGH vs Sporting, 2005:

After joining on the back of a wave of promise, Job never really ‘clicked’ during his time at the Riverside. However, for one fleeting moment during Boro’s UEFA Cup second round defeat to Sporting Lisbon back in March 2005, the watching world witnesses just what the Cameroonian striker was capable of…

8. Manuel Negrete – UNAC vs Puebla, 1985:

Four wondrous touches; the initial chest control, the ‘sombrero’ (or the ‘chapeau’ for those of you with Gallic pretensions), a deft flick of the forehead and then BOOM!

7. Trevor Sinclair – QPR vs Barnsley, 1997:

Sadly, it never got any better than this for our Trev, who quite rightly came away with Match of the Day’s goal of the season award in 1997 for this blistering bicycle kick against the Tykes in the FA Cup…

6. Eliran Atar – Maccabi Netania vs BNEI YAHUDA, 2009:

Israeli forward Atar made the 2009 Puskas Award shortlist (i.e. an award doled out to the scorer of the most ‘beautiful’ goal of the year) for this acrobatic strike, though somehow only managed to finish fourth in the final vote behind Cristiano Ronaldo, Andres Iniesta and Grafite.

That said, the look of sheer, discombobulated amazement on the collective faces of everybody present (including Atar’s) serves to tell you more about this freakishly pure connection than I ever could…

5. Unknown – 5-a-side tournament, 2007:

This clip has become somewhat of a viral sensation since it was first posted on Youtube a few years ago, and it’s perfectly understandable as to why.

A goal of truly scintillating beauty, regardless of what level of the game it was scored at…

4. Rivaldo – BARCELONA vs Valencia, 2001:

Brazilian artisan Rivaldo (who, incidentally, has a few overhead corkers under his belt to pick from) finished the 2000/’01 campaign as La Liga’s second top goal-scorer (one goal behind Real Madrid striker Raul), thanks chiefly to the hat-trick he scored against Valencia on the last day of the season.

A momentous hat-trick which first and foremost secured Barca a spot in the following season’s Champions League and, secondly, just so happened to culminate in this little beauty…

3. Youri Djorkaeff – INTER MILAN vs Roma, 1997:

French playmaker Djorkaeff notched his fair share of cultured strikes during his 22-year career, but I’d wager that none come close to the angled, airborne Exocet that he unleashed against Roma during his maiden season with the Nerazzurri…

2. Mauro Bressan – Barcelona vs FIORENTINA, 1999:

In stark contrast to the scrappy build-up, La Viola midfielder Bressan pulls a career-defining, 25-yard pearler out of his ‘you know where’ to open the scoring in a pulsating Champions League game that eventually finished 3-3.

Several years later, ITV voted the Italian’s effort as the second greatest Champions League goal ever scored, nestled sweetly behind Zinedine Zidane’s iconic volley in the 2002 final…

1. Marco van Basten – AJAX vs Den Bosch, 1986:

The Dutch legend, seen here doing what he did better than almost anybody else to have ever played the game, i.e. score goals that seem to tamper with the laws of physics…

So there we go. Missed any blindingly obvious candidates? Please feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments box below…

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  1. Believe me Ahmed, it certainly made the shortlist!

    In all honesty, this could have been a ‘Top 100’ given the amount of spectacular efforts I’ve revisited over the past week.

  2. Why do you want to trivialize an excellent goal? Surely Rooney’s goal was not the “best goal ever”, but it was much better than some of those where the ball bounces or was trapped in some way.

    • i don’t think he’s trying to trivialize the goal…

      i think the point Chris is trying to make is just that the UK press tends to exaggerate rooney’s achievements, showering him with effusive praise and superlatives, anytime he does anything even remotely positive…

      there is no doubt about it: Rooney is the Great White English Hope; the one shiny Brit amongst the majority of africans, continental europeans, and latin americans that fill the ranks of the top premier league squads.

      it’s a natural tendency, i suppose, to be so heavily biased in favor of your homegrown native son. i assume this is also the reason ( (besides the possibility of the 5+ homegrown rule) why English players in the premier league are so overvalued: a local bias in favor of english players.

      yes, EPL has an international fan base and following, but the majority of the fans who fill the stadiums are predominantly white, english, and male. and it’s a fact of life that you cheer most for those players with whom you identify with most – in other words, those who are most like you…

      i’m not trying to say that english are racist, because, again, i think it is a natural tendency and i think any people/group would do the same, given the same circumstances.

      but that being said – i definitely have, on more than one occasion, smelt a faint whiff of xenophobia on the part of the, hm, let’s say, less politically correct portion of english football fans?

  3. hahaha sour grapes are abundant on this website. it’s almost a week and you are still analysing this? LMAO!!! you just want to find something wrong with that goal don’t you. it’s one of the greatest goals ever scored at OT not just because of the execution but because of the occasion and because of the importance of the goal. so if you don’t like the goal. boo – hoo. no one cares.

  4. Some beautiful goals to be sure, but better than Rooney’s? Sounds like anothe Man U hater. There were three on this page that were in the same category as Rooney’s but you are trying to make it sound like his was nothing compared to all these others. Rubbish. If a West Ham player had scored the goal there wouldn’t be all this effort to minimize the brilliance it takes to score like that.

  5. The author has chosen Marco’s goal as #1. It was almost identical to Rooney’s. The delivery to Marco was nicely flighted whereas Rooney had to contend with a deflection. So, we can infer that Rooney’s goal is superior to #1.

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