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Features news coverage of Wigan and its players, including match reports, transfers, transfer rumours, kits and general football news.

  1. ALL October Transfer Rumours

    Soccerlens reader shahryarnoon has compiled a comprehensive list of transfer rumours for the month of October 2007. Have a look, and add your rumours to the comments section if you think he’s missed something.

  2. How Big is Your Pitch: Arsenal - Chelsea - Liverpool - Tottenham - Manchester United - Newcastle United - Manchester City - Fulham - Aston Villa - Bolton Wanderers - Portsmouth - West Ham - Wigan - Middlesbrough - Sunderland - Everton - Reading - Blackburn Rovers - Birmingham City - Derby County

    Chris over at EPLTalk has paid someone to put together a list of the pitch sizes in the Premier League – not to be confused with other metrics of measuring a club’s superiority, such as title count, time spent playing …

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  3. Weekend Predictions

    Uefa maintain that they’ll leave the Grant situation for the Premier League to solve – a polite way of telling the English to firm up and police themselves. While the Premier League scrambles to find its pair of strap-ons (balls!), …

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