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Features news coverage of Watford and its players, including match reports, transfer rumours and general football news.

  1. Form Crucial to Championship Playoff Success

    It seems that the Championship Playoff finals are often won by the team who is playing best at the end of the season. Last year, Ian Holloway masterminded a Blackpool offensive (cough) juggernaut to promotion behind Charlie Adam and against a Cardiff side who’ve developed the nasty reputation of being playoff chokers. This year, the popular picks from pundits have gone to anyone but the Bluebirds. But is there really a trend to which clubs are most successful come playoff time?

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  2. A Football Fan Am I Not

    Mount Kailash is often regarded as the holiest mountain in Asia. Revered by the pre-Buddhists as the point of all creation and celebrated by Hindus as the recreational playground of Lord Shiva, dancing and smoking copious amounts of cannabis. Hidden …

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