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Features news coverage of Sunderland and its players, including match reports, transfers, transfer rumours, kits and general football news. We also have a section on Sunderland manager Roy Keane.

  1. Sunderland Home Kit 2007/2008

    Oh look, another kit post! This time it’s Sunderland, back to the Premiership with a bang (from nowhere to champions, Keano is God, Sunderland will finish above the dirty mags and all that (no, the last bit isn’t true, although …

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  2. Can Sunderland win back the fans?

    Usually I shy away from simply reporting the news, but this one is too good not to be repeated. Sunderland chairman Niall Quinn has personally taken responsibility to win back the fans disillusioned by Sunderland’s yo-yoing of the last 4 …

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