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Features news coverage of Poland and its players, including match reports and general football news.

  1. Manchester United at Euro 2008

    For a club that’s conquered England and Europe this season, you’d expect Manchester United to have more than 5 players going to Euro 2008. But United’s squad is both English (or British) in its core and cosmopolitan in its nature …

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  2. Euro 2008 Preview

    With just 2 weeks to go now the cream of Europe’s footballing nations are gearing up for the European Championships in Austria and Switzerland. The fact none of the Home Nations have managed to qualify has put a dampener on …

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  3. Euro 2008 Flags

    Euro 2008 promises to be massive – with or without England. Along with team beer and several exciting stars expected to leave a mark on the event, there’s also the small matter of football fans (if anyone forgets, this is …

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