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Paraguay has appeared in the World Cup eight times and their best position being ninth in 1930. They have won the Copa America twice in 1953 and 1979 and they have a silver medal from the 2004 Olympics.

  1. De Rossi Goes Down Hard

    I was looking around on the internet for random stuff and ended up on a certain Looking around at videos of people getting into stupid accidents and saw an interesting related video’s thumbnail. It had an Italian ‘football player’ …

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  2. Samba No More!

    One overwhelming question has stuck with me since the completion of the World Cup. Is it possible to do it “samba style” anymore? Not since ’86, when Maradona dazzled the crowd, have we witnessed a team win the World Cup …

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  3. Watch Paraguay vs Spain Live

    There will be a distinctly Latin flavour to the fourth and final of the World Cup quarter-final match-ups, as reigning European champions Spain will battle it out with Paraguay in a clash loaded with some fairly irrelevant historic significance, although now is not the time or place to go into it.

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