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Manchester United

Detailed coverage of Manchester United football club and its players, including match reports, transfers, transfer rumours, kits and general football news.

  1. The Context Of Heroism

    The quite fortunate Chilean miners, who were rescued by some equally courageous, unselfish individuals, will be the guests of honor at Old Trafford for Manchester United’s match with Arsenal. Coupled with their anticipated visit, a discussion point was mentioned that athletes are wrongfully labelled as being a hero, because their profession not seen as deserving enough to justify the use of that particular word.

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  2. Should We Ban The Banter?

    With the North-South Derby not kicking-off until Monday, the press has prodded at anything they could to stoke up the fire between the Manchester United and Arsenal supporters. Whether it has been Sir Alex Ferguson urging the United supporters to stop chanting the Arsene Wenger song again, or the comments made by Patrice Evra, the media is doing a fine job in their valiant attempt of giving the North-South Derby more of a cutting edge.

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  3. The Potential Six In The Round of 16

    At the conclusion of the UEFA Champions League Group stage, Manchester United has learned that they have the potential of facing six clubs from three different countries in the Round of 16. The probable teams that United could drawn against on December 17 are Copenhagen from Denmark; AC Milan, AS Roma and Inter Milan from Italy; or Lyon and Marseille from France.

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  4. Getting Back To Good

    In the 1-1 vital draw against Valencia, Wayne Rooney put in a very disciplined, workman-like performance, which should signify that he is committed to the Manchester United cause. Critics always say that, “actions speak louder than words,” so that tireless performance that he put in will certainly do no harm as he attempts to chip away at the protective shell to earn a place in the United supporter’s guarded hearts once again.

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