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Features news coverage of Germany and its players, including match reports and general football news.

  1. Germany v Australia Preview

    As Australia and Germany line up to open their respective 2010 World Cup campaigns, there’s no arguments about who is the “underdog” here. On paper (and if you look at the odds on any betting website), this match should be a one-sided affair.

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  2. World Cup 2010 Injuries

    As we gear up for the opening of the 2010 FIFA World Cup this coming Friday we are in store for a month of a carnival football as the ‘Rainbow Nation’ invites the world to enjoy this landmark achievement for …

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  3. Group D: Deutschland Über Alles

    Blog readers, football fans, sod it, people of the world… We all owe Kevin Prince Boateng a pint. Thanks to his awful tackle in the FA Cup final, Germany are in this tournament without their chief playmaker, and of course …

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  4. Grazie Gazza

    In a move that would have left the British Tabloids proud, the German paper Bild ran a story that the Dutch players indulged in a party the night before the final with, shock horror “Naked girls and Champagne”. None of the allegations were ever proved but it must have had an unsettling effect on the team. So at 3pm BST on the 7th July 1974 English referee Jack Taylor led out the two teams into a full Olympic Stadium in Munich. Game on, or not quite. Someone had forgotten the corner flags, and a desperate search for them took 7 minutes.

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  5. World Cup Breakout Players

    Though only a small sample-size, the World Cup can be career-altering. Franck Ribery was a surprise inclusion to the French squad in 2006. A few great performances for France later, he was one of the biggest stars in football and …

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