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Follows the England national football team around the world and contains all news covering their matches and issues. If you’re looking for coverage of England’s passage through the international tournaments, you’ve come to the right place.

Also includes coverage of England managers (past and present) such as Sven Goran Eriksson, Steve McClaren and Fabio Capello, as well as England players David Beckham and Wayne Rooney.

  1. Just how good or bad is Tom Cleverley?

    The international squads announced for the next week’s round of international friendlies offered an opportunity to compare the merits of various squads. What doesn’t show very favourably for England is that a midfield player of the quality of real Madrid’s …

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  2. Who Are FIFA’s World Cup Referees?

    Over the last decade, everything – player salaries, fan support, level of play, atmosphere, equipment, television rights – has gotten better in MLS. Except refereeing. It’s simply ignorant to call MLS a Mickey Mouse league anymore, but the officiating is …

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