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Features news coverage of FC Barcelona and its players, including match reports, transfers, transfer rumours, kits and general football news.

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  1. Chicharito Looking To Become 3rd CONCACAF Player to Play In and Win Final

    Saturday’s final between Manchester United and FC Barcelona has a number of storylines. For those in the CONCACAF region one storyline that sticks out is the inclusion and impact that Mexican sensation Chicharito can make on Saturday’s championship.

    While the Mexican’s ascent into stardom will receive a boost from winning the finale Saturday he’s not the first player from the CONCACAF region to play in the final. So who are the other two players who’ve taken part in the UEFA Champions League Final?

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  2. 2011 Champions League Final Boots

    Nike has just released images of the football boots to be worn by players in the Champions League final tomorrow. Wayne Rooney, Andres Iniesta, Pedro, Carles Puyol and Gerard Pique will have their own names, number, ‘FCB vs MUFC’ (alternatively …

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