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Detailed coverage of Arsenal football club and its players, including match reports, transfer rumours, kits and general football news.

We also have sections on Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger, Arsenal striker Thierry Henry (two legends in football), Cesc Fabregas, as well as all the latest Arsenal transfer news.

  1. Highest Football Club Wages

    Player transfer fees and their larger than life wage bills are a common topic of discussion for a football fan of today. From Wayne Rooney threatening to quit to oil-rich owners going on shopping sprees, the footballers have now become spoilt and …

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  2. The Five Best ‘Wide’ Players In The Premier League

    Football isn’t nearly as exciting without the flair players – the ones capable of conjuring pure magic out of a nothing situation. While you’ll have the odd midfield controller or a fullback capable of delighting on his day, nothing can quite beat the thrill of watching a wide player in creative motion. The hubris of the wide player lies in the constant conflict between passing the ball to a well-positioned teammate, thus foregoing a chance at glory for the sake of success for your team, or taking matters into your own hands and charging towards goal with a vengeance. Here’s a look at the five players who have best managed to find that subtle balance of the two –

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