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Features news coverage of Argentina and its players, including match reports and general football news.

  1. An Open Letter to Carlos Tevez

    Dear Carlos Tevez, For five years now you’ve been a shedload of trouble for the entire English Premier League. With this letter, I’d like to invite you to please stop moaning about the loneliness of Northern England and return to …

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  2. Lionel Messi is all in – adidas

    Lionel Messi, featured in an adidas commercial (filmed playing for Argentina v Spain), goes all in: This is a longer version release of the initial ‘adidas is all in’ branding video that was published last month. This video (and the …

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  3. Argentina 2011/2012 Kits

    The new 2011/2012 kits to be worn by Argentina have been unveiled by adidas and they will be available for purchase here. These kits will be worn by the Argentineans throughout the Copa America which will be played in Argentina. …

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  4. Football Scholarly Of The World

    Since the World Cup there has been one major debate amongst England fans. Youth. Every one of our 60 million football experts has the idea of how we should bring through swarms of talented players to annihilate competition. Who should …

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