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Thierry Henry

Former Arsenal legend, and one of the very best strikers to have graced the Premier League

  1. NOT such a Merry Christmas for…..

    A very Merry Christmas and happy holidays to everybody out there. But it certainly isn’t a bright and sparkling Christmas for a select few in the footballing world. Let’s go through those unfortunate players, bosses and teams:-

  2. Thierry Henry Video

    A reader mailed in this short 2 min clip of Thierry Henry on some sort of Spanish TV gig showing the attractive presenter (some things – such as hot presenters – transcend cultural boundaries) how to take penalties. Scroll down …

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  3. Top 10 EPL Entertainers

    For as long as the wind is blowing, we might as well be surfing the wave… After FourFourTwo’s Top 100 footballers list, the ‘Association of Football Statisticians’ Top 100 Greatest Ever Footballers, and recently once again FourFourTwo’s 2007 EPL ‘Rich …

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  4. Is Bent really worth more than Henry?

    Over the past week many Arsenal fans have been shocked to hear that their ‘greatest ever’ was sold for the ‘miserable’ fee of £16.1m. Meanwhile the rest of England was equally shocked to hear that former Charlton striker Darren Bent …

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  5. Why did Klose and Henry leave?

    So – Klose is off to Bayern. Henry is off to Barcelona. I don’t quite know why, but these two headlines got me worked up. The thing is – I just don’t get why they’re leaving. On top of that, …

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