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Thierry Henry

Former Arsenal legend, and one of the very best strikers to have graced the Premier League

  1. Why did Klose and Henry leave?

    So – Klose is off to Bayern. Henry is off to Barcelona. I don’t quite know why, but these two headlines got me worked up. The thing is – I just don’t get why they’re leaving. On top of that, …

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  2. Classic Henry Pic

    Love the hair, love the reminder that players are human and that Henry, for all his goals and class, is still only 30 and in any other world, would be one of the boys. I wonder if he still has …

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  3. I hope Henry is not leaving

    Update: It’s confirmed – and the twist is that Henry says he’s leaving because Wenger won’t be extended his contract beyond 2008 at Arsenal. Cue doomsday calls from the media. Arsenal will survive though, and it’ll be interested to see …

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  4. France misused Henry, so did Arsenal!

    Arsene Wenger has talked about France ‘misusing’ Thierry Henry – and while I haven’t found any direct quotes on Wenger directly saying that Henry’s current injury problems are France’s fault, what he has said does seem to imply it.

  5. Arsenal Verdict: Henry In Golden Balls-Up

    New writer ‘tda’ thinks that Arsenal captain (legend, hero, demi-god, etc etc) Thierry Henry deserved the Ballon d’Or. A bit late, but every man’s entitled to their opinion…