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A general gathering point for all news related to people in football (managers, players, owners, referees, etc).

  1. David Beckham LA Galaxy Wallpaper

    This is a throwback wallpaper, being slightly older than others I’ve been posting. However, it’s a very nice David Beckham wallpaper wearing the LA Galaxy football shirt, which is hard to find these days. The Englishman looks good in the …

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  2. Frank Lampard Chelsea Wallpaper

    A nice football wallpaper featuring Frank Lampard from this season. He’s wearing the new Chelsea shirt, which looks really good in the wallpaper. There is not much detailing on the background and there’s not much work done to blend in …

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  3. Cesc Fabregas Wallpaper by Owo

    A beautiful football wallpaper of Cesc Fabregas, made by footiearts designer Owo. In this wallpaper, Cesc is wearing the old Arsenal shirt, but it was worth mentioning because of the fantastic design. The Arsenal captain looks fantastic in this wallpaper …

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  4. Wayne Rooney Manchester United Wallpaper

    A great collaboration between michaeljuve and sammy of gfxworld and footiearts. This football wallpaper features Wayne Rooney, England’s finest. Rooney is wearing the Manchester United home shirt in this wallpaper, and the wallpaper background suits the kit very well by …

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  5. Spain Wallpaper by ViruzPunk

    A fitting wallpaper of the Spanish armada lifting the World Cup trophy. This football wallpaper is made to look worn out and old, like a classic picture that was just re-discovered in the archives. The artist has done a great …

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