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A general gathering point for all news related to people in football (managers, players, owners, referees, etc).

  1. Football’s 10 Biggest Playboys

    With all the money and fame that being a superstar footballer brings, it is not exactly difficult for the modern player to find a woman. But as the following list of football’s biggest playboys shows, sometimes one is not enough. …

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  2. Arsene Wenger Is A Liar And A Gentleman

    Reacting to the recent furore surrounding Wayne Rooney‘s phantom ankle injury, Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has admitted to a recurring personality trait that many have vehemently accused him of since the very first sepia-toned time he claimed to have missed …

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  3. Why I’d Choose Ancelotti over Mourinho

    Everyone can admire the achievements of Jose Mourinho but, as a Chelsea supporter, I can honestly say that if I was given the opportunity to have any of the men who have managed Chelsea reinstated then he would be bottom of my list. I would, without doubt, choose to keep Ancelotti.

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