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Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi plays for Argentina and is currently an integral member of FC Barcelona. He is rare in his prodigious talent, his physical condition (a growth hormone deficiency – Barcelona paid his medical bills as part of the deal to sign him up) and the fact that of the many pretenders to Diego Maradona’s throne, Messi seems capable of living up to the expectations.

  1. Leo Messi Argentina Wallpaper

    A fantastic wallpaper of Lionel Messi wearing the Argentina football shirt. This wallpaper is themed as “Messi, best player in the universe” and has a cosmos surreal background that works perfectly with the colours of the Argentina shirt. This football …

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  2. What If Footballers Were Poor?

    In FIFA 10, EA Sports’ widely popular football game, the weekly salary of Wayne Rooney is set at £110,000 in Manager Mode. That is how rich a virtual edition of Wayne Rooney is. Clubs like Burnley, Blackpool, Hoffenheim, Hercules have recently entered …

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  3. Is Messi The World’s Fastest Footballer?

    With today’s footballing technology improving at exponential rates, it’s not hard to make the connection between football boot and player. It seems that for the top players in the world, the boots they wear are designed for them specifically and …

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  4. Which London Team Will Messi Play For?

    Subscribe to Soccerlens on Facebook to get the latest updates on Messi’s race through London. Adidas is bringing Lionel Messi, the world’s fastest player, to London! Once he’s there, he’ll be taking part in a massive city-wide game of ‘Catch …

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