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Dimitar Berbatov

Languid Bulgarian striker, who is currently playing his trade for Monaco

  1. The Best XI not at the World Cup

    With hours left of the qualifying campaigns it looked like the best player in the world (Messi) and one of his competitors (Ronaldo) wouldn’t be at the World Cup. But, El Diego scraped it for the Argies, and Portugal beat …

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  2. United 1-2 Chelsea

    If there is one thing the great Sir Alex knows how to do, it is to rise to the occasion and win trophies when the pressure is mounting. He’s even coined a term for it (‘squeaky bum time’ anyone?). So …

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  3. 50 Highest Paid Footballers

    Futebol Finance compiled a list footballers with the top 50 paychecks from their football clubs. You might feel that some of the players on the list are over-paid and maybe some under-paid. Nonetheless, here is the list: Cristiano Ronaldo (Real …

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