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Cristiano Ronaldo

One of the very best player to have ever played the game, Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo is etching his name into the history books, one hat-trick at a time!

  1. Slavery in Soccer? I Don’t Think So

    It’s amusing how the term “slavery” gets thrown around these days. In November of 2003, Rasheed Wallace compared the NBA’s Zero-Tolerance policy concerning arguing with referees to slavery. “That’s retarded,” the eloquent Wallace opined. “In my mind, it’s kind of …

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  2. Nereida Gallardo – Photos

    Nereida Gallardo is smoking hot. Not in the pretty and hot Gemma Atkinson style, nor in the pretty and ‘tight’ Cheryl Cole style. In fact, you could say that Nereida isn’t the prettiest girl around and that she’s got some …

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