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Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the most hated, respected, ridiculed and loved football stars today. He is a true icon – splitting public opinion right down the middle. A Portuguese national and a Manchester United star, the right-winger had a career-changing 2006/2007 season, when he came in off an excellent World Cup performance (although people only remembered the diving and the Rooney incident) and led Manchester United to their first Premiership title in four years.

He’s a good player, that boy Ronaldo.

  1. Soccerlens: Fans More Fickle Than Ronaldo

    Soccerlens has launched a scathing attack on football fans around the world, branding them irrational and childish. Soccerlens owner Ahmed Bilal went so far as to call them a “senseless, directionless mob who enjoy being manipulated by the media.” Speaking …

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