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Football WAGs

The prettiest wives and girlfriends of footballers; both current and of the past.

  1. WAGs gone Gooner

    We have complained over and over again about the unrealistically high wages of some of the players that our clubs have to pay. Mostly in jealousy, I suppose but I have surely played my part. Lets not get into that …

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  2. Newcastle United Babes

    Newcastle United spent a year in the Championship and smashed their way back to the Premier League. High on their outstanding performance last season they thrashed Aston Villa 6-0 after losing 3-0 to Manchester United in the opener. Currently, they …

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  3. The Lilywhite Babes of Tottenham

    Champions League newcomers and league title contenders (barely), will need all the support they need from all fans and supporters but the support they lavishly spend their earnings on is the one they have at home or in hotel rooms …

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  4. WAGalacticos!

    When Real Madrid spent 80 million Euros on buying Cristiano Ronaldo, they were definitely going to end up benefiting from the vast range of WAGs to be brought in with him. There are at least ten women that he has …

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  5. Chelsea WAGs

    Chelsea is a club of the rich and famous, or at least that’s how they carry themselves. From the oligarch owner to the WAG humping center-back, every one walks around like a king. They sure were the king of the …

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  6. Manchester United WAGs

    You might not be familiar with the term ‘WAG’ but you will be sure as hell familiar with the women our modern day footballers hang around with. For those who are not familiar with the term ‘WAG’, it stands for …

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