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Football Manager

Covers the popular football management game, Football Manager.

  1. Football Manager 2010 Demo

    The FM 10 demo was released today and is available via Steam, direct download and torrents. Directly from SI: “The demo comes in two flavours, both “Strawberry” and “Vanilla”. The strawberry demo is the full package and complete experience, the …

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  2. Football Manager 2010 Features

    There is a group out there. They are, well lets say, ‘lacking match practice’ in the art of actually playing sport, and well, ‘wonderkids’, and ‘model citizens’ at writing about their virtual careers, and raving on about a small bug …

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  3. Football Manager Live

    Think you’re far superior to the likes of Wenger, Ferguson and Benitez? Have you conquered FM 09 and battered the AI computer teams into submission? Well if you think that you do rule the roost when it comes to Football Manager and you’re …

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  4. FM Staff Attributes Guide

    If you had to come up with a list comprising of the fundamental aspects that contribute to success on Football Manager you may not be quite so quick to acknowledge the role of your fellow backroom staff. Ofcourse, while tactics, …

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  5. Buy Football Manager 2010 Online

    Football Manager 2010 is now available for pre-order. Get your personalised FM 2010 copy from (free home delivery) right now. Football Manager 2010 Top 10 Wish List Football Manager. Just saying those two words amongst a group of football-mad …

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