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UEFA Champions League

Detailed coverage of the Champions League, including play-by-play of all matches from the knockout stages and complete stats from the group stages. You can also watch the Champions League live.

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  1. UEFA versus Real Madrid and Barcelona

    Uefa have initiated disciplinary cased against both Real Madrid and Barcelona in the aftermath of their diving contest Champions League semi-final clash on Wednesday. UEFA’s case against Real Madrid: The throwing of missiles, a pitch invasion, the red card shown …

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  2. The Strange Death of Brazilian Flair

    Ahead of tonight’s semi-final clash between Real Madrid and Barcelona, Real’s Brazilian left-back Marcelo has pointedly suggested that he prefers ‘to win and not play well’ over defeat. He sums up an increasing trend in Brazilian football away from the flair and ingenuity which made the golden shirt a symbol of The Beautiful Game’.

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  3. Manchester United plot third Champions League final in four years

    Manchester United take on Schalke in the first Champions League semi final tonight. At stake – Manchester United’s third Champions League final in four seasons versus Schalke’s first ever Champions League final. We already know about the respective playing styles and how their seasons have gone – let’s look at some numbers on their Champions League progress and what that means for this ties.

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