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UEFA Champions League

Detailed coverage of the Champions League, including play-by-play of all matches from the knockout stages and complete stats from the group stages. You can also watch the Champions League live.

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  1. Tottenham Hotspur v AC Milan Live

    Tottenham registered a memorable 1-0 win away at the San Siro in the first leg of this tie, but have lost their way in the Premier League since then, looking unlikely to finish in the top 4 this season. Milan haven’t fared much better in terms of performances but they are top of the table and leading the title race against Inter.

    But it’s not just about Champions League qualification – it’s about fulfilling your potential, pride and history – one club trying to make it, the other trying to revive it. Milan will have to considerably raise their game even if Tottenham are not at their best.

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  2. Barcelona v Arsenal Live

    The absence of key Barcelona defenders, Guardiola’s back problem, Arsenal’s 2-1 lead and a new-found confidence in the domestic league means that the Gunners travel to Camp Nou looking forward to upsetting the Spanish club. Although you cannot discount Barcelona’s attacking prowess – and indeed the match could be over in the first half – Arsenal have the quality to at least score once in the second leg – and given their 1-goal advantage from the first leg, it all points to a close and most-watchable Champions League match.

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  3. Marseille v Manchester United Live

    Bolstered by injuries to key personnel at Manchester United and their lacklustre away form, Marseille will be going all-out to beat the Red Devils in the first leg. The game is United’s first of four straight away matches, and they need to start winning these games if they are to succeed in Europe / win the league title this season.

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