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This sections hosts articles from the different competitions covered at Soccerlens – the Carling Cup, the FA Cup, the World Cup, Euros, the Champions League and the Europa League.

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  1. Greece World Cup 2010 Preview

    Summer 2004 saw 250,000 people turn Athens upside down in celebrating Greece’s shock victory in Euro 2004. Fast forward six years and the streets of the capital are full once again, although under very different circumstances. With the nation in …

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  2. Denmark World Cup 2010 Preview

    With star striker Nicklas Bendtner already thrown out of London nightspot Boujis last year with his trousers around his knees, the worry for Denmark ahead of their fourth World Cup finals campaign is that the coming month will leave them …

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  3. The Special One – El Especial

    Jose Mourinho has enjoyed what is arguably his most successful year in managerial football with a treble in the Serie A. Inter Milan enjoyed an unprecedented rout of silverware under the keen eye of ‘the special one’, who will now …

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  4. ESPN SportsCenter’s Landon Donovan ad

    The USA ace Landon Donovan features in the ESPN SportsCenter’s ad for the World Cup. The theme is a day at the SportsCenter’s office and Donovan fails miserably to operate a simple photocopier and is subsequently punished. Take a look:

  5. Group C: The Group of Life

    With the footballing space on the internet dominated by Britain and America, this group is being intensely studied. But it shouldn’t be. I mean, really, it’s not all that interesting. England have been given a group to cruise, and U.S.A. …

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  6. No Longer “The Special One”, Mourinho is now “The One”

    When Massimo Moratti appointed Jose Mourinho the new Internazionale manager in May 2008, some wondered “why”? Inter had won the Serie A for a third successive season yet Roberto Mancini declared after their Champions League exit that he would be leaving. The reasoning behind appointing Mancini’s successor was simple, Mourinho was then and is now a winner.

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