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This sections hosts articles from the different competitions covered at Soccerlens – the Carling Cup, the FA Cup, the World Cup, Euros, the Champions League and the Europa League.

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  1. Roo Rage Needs to Stop

    On 1st July 2006, England’s defeat to Portugal on penalties not only raised question marks over their ability to shine on the big stage but cast a dark cloud over the temperament of the man who is such an essential …

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  2. Emile Heskey: Zero To Hero?

    On the 10th of June 2006 England played their opening World Cup game against Paraguay. And nobody liked him. On the 1st of July 2006 England lost to Portugal on penalties and were eliminated from the tournament. And everybody loved …

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  3. Babes of the 2010 World Cup

    World Cup 2010 is around the corner and just like the previous years, hot football fans will be travelling with their nations to boost their morals. For once and for all, it does not matter if the English WAGs aren’t …

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  4. Group G – The ‘Group of Death’

    “There once was a man from Korea, Who drowned all his sorrows in beer. ‘Cos his team had done poop, Finished bottom of their group, And now he’s got to wait four more year” – William Shakespeare (Korea Sonnet – …

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  5. Why Italy Will Win the World Cup (Again)?

    When it comes to winning the world cup, two teams can never be discredited, Italy and Brazil. However I have seen very little support for the Italians entering this world cup, perhaps it was their unbeaten qualification campaign which has …

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